Spectrometer wavelength calibration sources

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Ocean Optics has released a new line of spectrometer wavelength calibration sources for convenient, reliable spectrometer calibration. The (-2) model series of calibration sources spans UV to NIR wavelengths, allowing users to maximise spectrometer performance and maintain the integrity of their results.

Each wavelength calibration source has an embedded, rechargeable battery for use without an external power supply; offers remote on/off operation to avoid disturbing experiment setups; and uses indicator LEDs to provide quick confirmation of battery charge and lamp activation.

Routine spectrometer wavelength calibration is essential to correct for baseline drift and other spectral phenomena inherent to all spectrometers. Each (-2) series model produces known atomic emission lines for performing spectrometer wavelength calibration.

Options include mercury-argon (253-1,700 nm), krypton (427-893nm), neon (540-754nm), argon (696-1,704nm) and xenon (916-1,984nm) gas-discharge emission sources. With more wavelength options and emission lines to utilise, users can more readily choose a source, or combination of sources, to match analytical wavelengths of interest within the measurement range.