Techspec low scatter off-axis parabolic mirrors

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Edmund Optics has introduced Techspec low scatter off-axis parabolic mirrors. Providing a surface figure of λ/8 RMS and a surface roughness of less than 50Å RMS, these precision mirrors are designed for low scatter in the visible spectrum. They are excellent when used for focusing, collimation, beam expansion, and optical testing systems such as MTF test benches.

The EO OAP family has expanded from five models to more than 40 models, providing additional options and flexibility – such as two new coatings, protected gold and UV-enhanced aluminium, and a new size (¼ inch) within the product family.

The new mirrors direct and focus incident collimated light at a specific angle, resulting in minimal scatter loss. Designed using a proprietary process that decreases scatter in the UV and visible region, each mirror undergoes a visual inspection with a HeNe laser to ensure low scatter. These aluminium 6061-T6 substrate mirrors are characterised with improved surface roughness (<50Å RMS) and surface figure (λ/8) when compared to standard off-axis parabolic mirrors.