TEESS electronic drive module for x-InGaAs sensor arrays

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To ensure the compatibility of its x-InGaAs arrays with commonly available electronics on the market, the Laser Components Detector Group (LCDG) has developed the TEESS (TEmpe Electronics & Software Set) electronic drive module.

TEESS is a modular assembly kit comprising a sensor board, a central unit in a metal housing, a heat sink socket for the array, a set of cables, and user friendly software.

The sensor board provides the correct address code, converts the analogue output signal of the x-InGaAs line sensors into a digital signal, and communicates with the central unit. It has fixings for the integration of Zeiss and Polytec optics.

The parallel peripheral-photoinhibition lithography system comprises eight modules that are arranged to allow the individual control of split excitation and inhibition beams, thereby allowing the high-resolution, high-efficiency fabrication of nanostructures. (Image: Zhu et al)

09 January 2023

Using ultrafast bursts of low-intensity pulses, researchers are able to add new functionalities inside semiconductor chips. (Image: Andong Wang)

08 November 2022