TracePro 2021 version 21.2

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Lambda Research has released the TracePro 2021 version 21.2 of its TracePro software. 

The main improvement in TracePro 21.2 is a new feature: Image Source. This feature enables TracePro users to use image files as light sources. Image files can be inserted into a model, and rays are emitted from the image with flux and wavelength determined by the colour and intensity of each pixel. The Image Source works with all ray tracing and analysis features, and is especially useful for engineers who are designing HUD, AR, and VR systems, or any time accurate image source modeling is important. 

The Interactive Optimiser continues its development with user interface improvements and conveniences. The Lighting Toolkit has been enhanced with the addition of FMVSS 108 regulations to the Lighting Toolkit’s built-in Regulation Table.