TracePro 7.8.3

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Lambda Research Corporation has announced the release of TracePro 7.8.3 and the early visibility release of its flagship TracePro software. 

Some of the new features and enhancements in TracePro 7.8.3 include: Monte Carlo Tolerancing added to the 3D interactive modeler; new 3D modeler capabilities, such as an advanced sweep body editor, a measurement tool and new path selections including helical, square spiral and free helix; a rounding radius added to periodic and Fresnel segments to accurately model optics with chamfers and fillets; new photorealistic rendering options with the ability to save luminance data; and a new utility: the surface property generator. 

Some of the new features and enhancements in TracePro 2018 EV include: ACIS release R28 with improved optional STEP & IGES translators; an upgraded HOOPS graphic engine for improved system visualisation; and an improved RepTile coincident surface algorithm for TracePro Expert users.

TracePro streamlines the prototype-to-manufacturing process by combining an intuitive 3D CAD interface, superior ray tracing performance, advanced utilities, and seamless interoperability with other mechanical design programs.