TrioFokus zoom collimator for multi-kW lasers

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Size variation of a laser working spot is important function of processing heads in laser applications like cutting, welding, cladding, brazing. And it is easy realized using the zoom collimator trioFokus intended to be used with multi-kW fiber lasers or fiber-coupled lasers. Optical design of the trioFokus provides continuous variation of the collimator focal length in 50-150 mm range by single movement of optical components, and 48 mm clear aperture allows the zoom collimator use with modern multi-kW fiber sources of up to 0.3 rad full angle divergence at different wavelengths. Sapphire optics guarantees high resistance to radiation of multi-kW CW or pulsed lasers and reduced thermally induced focus shift and spherical aberration because of high thermal conductivity and water cooling. Due to low sensitivity to misalignments, compact design and use of popular QB fiber connector mount the trioFokus collimators can be quickly, easily and simply integrated in already existing laser process heads.