UVG20S UV-enhanced detector

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Opto Diode has released an ultraviolet-enhanced detector featuring a 5.5mm diameter active area, the UVG20S. The photodiode is ideal for UV detection between 190 to 400nm spectral wavelengths with a spectrum of 190 to 1,000nm. The device features stable responsivity over wide temperature ranges and features 100 per cent internal quantum efficiency from 200 to 400nm. The photodetector is packaged with a UV quartz window epoxybonded in place, making it ideal for integration into systems. The circular active area device is designed for high-energy detection, such as laser power monitoring applications. Under test conditions at 254nm, the UVG20S detector’s responsivity ranges from 0.105A/W (minimum) to 0.115A/W (typical). Shunt resistance is 100MOhms (typical) and reverse breakdown voltage is 50V (typical). At 0V bias, capacitance is 1.5nF (typical) and response time 4µs (typical). Storage and operating temperatures are from -20° to 80°C. Lead soldering is 260°C.