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Horiba Scientific has announced UVISEL Plus, a modular ellipsometer that includes new acquisition technology designed to measure thin film samples faster and more accurately. The UVISEL Plus also introduces a new calibration procedure that delivers faster performance and accuracy.

FastAcq, the new acquisition technology, is designed for real world thin film characterisation and is based on double modulation, new electronic data processing and a high-speed monochromator, enabling it complete a sample measurement from 190nm to 2,100nm in three minutes at high resolution.

Designed for enhanced flexibility for thin film measurements, the UVISEL Plus offers microspots for patterned samples down to 50µm, variable angles from 40 to 90°, an automatic horizontal mapping stage and a variety of accessories.

The spectral range from 190nm to 2,100nm is covered by only two UVISEL Plus configurations: 190nm-920nm and an NIR extension up to 2,100nm.