V-731 precision stage

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For applications such as industrial measuring technology and microscopy, optical inspection tasks, and laser processing, PI (Physik Instrumente) now offers a new series of motorised XY stages (V-731 and L-731) that work with velocities up to 200mm/s. 

The bidirectional repeatability is 0.1µm and minimum incremental motion is 0.02µm. The XY stages, which measure 310 × 310 × 80mm, are offered with travel ranges of 205 × 205mm (8 inches) and it is also possible to offer customised versions. They are controlled by PI controllers or – in multi-axis gantry applications – via an industrial controller from ASC, a manufacturer of modular motion controllers, which was taken over by PI at the beginning of 2017.

Either linear drives (V-731) or stepper respectively DC motors (L-731) are the driving force behind the new XY stages. The three-phase linear motors dispense with mechanical components in the drivetrain and transfer the drive force directly to the motion platform without any friction. This means that velocities OG up to 200mm/s are possible. The ironless motors are particularly suitable for high precision tasks because there is no undesirable interaction with the permanent magnets, allowing for smooth running even at the lowest or very high velocities.