VarioScan II

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Scanlab has launched its z-axis generation varioScan II. The system design with new bearing technology now enables the compact z-axis to be integrated into a laser machine in any mounting orientation. This additional flexibility simplifies the implementation of different laser system concepts for machine builders.

Precise workpiece processing in three dimensions requires highly dynamic positioning of the laser focus along the optical z-axis. With the addition of focusing units, xy scan systems can be easily transformed into 3D beam deflection systems. In this way, the laser focus can be guided along the exact contour of the workpiece being processed.

The varioScan product line is ideal for applications requiring f-theta lenses, as well as applications for which these costly lenses are unavailable. In the second case, the focusing system provides a plane focusing surface in addition to z-adjustment of the focus. Besides the processing of three-dimensional surfaces, classic fields of application requiring z-axis manipulation include additive manufacturing (3D printing) and laser cutting. In many of these applications, there is a trend towards higher laser powers, the use of ultrashort pulse lasers and the demand for improved image quality and positioning accuracy.