Vector line of display view angle testers

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Gamma Scientific has introduced its Vector line of display view angle testers. The colour testers integrate multiple spectroradiometers into a compact module to provide accurate, high-speed, and reliable display measurement from multiple angles simultaneously. Solutions are available with three, four, five and six angles, including a flicker meter.

This next generation solution for display measurement provides laboratories, R&D, and production lines the ability to gain more insight into their products with a single snapshot, as well as see how their products will be perceived by the human eye in real-life conditions. This will enable complete spectral analysis to help characterize displays and improve display design, development and quality control.

The standard multi-angle offering GS-1164 4-angle spectroradiometer from Gamma Scientific has the capability of delivering simultaneous measurements from 0°, 30°,45°, and 60°. With this insight into how a display is perceived from multiple angles, manufacturers can optimise the quality of their products for end-users, all while increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs.