The “Wave” of the future in UV sterilisation

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Laser Components is expanding its portfolio of UV LEDs with products from the South Korean manufacturer Photon Wave. Founded in 2016, the company specialises in the production of UVB and UVC LED chips with and without SMD housings. One particular focus includes both medical applications and solutions for sterilising air, water, and surfaces.

Photon Wave is a company based in Yonging, South Korea, specialising in the manufacture of UVB and UVC LED chips and packages. Through research and development, Photon Wave aims to play a decisive role in shaping the deep UV industry. Their focus is on applications for air, water, and surface sterilisation. The technology used enables UVC LEDs with higher efficiencies and longer lifetimes in the 250nm to 315nm wavelength range. This is used for a large active area and a uniform current spreading design (patented) that allows high injection current operation. This is processed for an optimum geometry shown to have excellent emission power.
UV-C/B LEDs are the best solution in replacing mercury lamps in fluoro- sensing equipment, offering several advantages that include better performance, less power consumption and stable life. These new products include a large breathe 'wave' of wavelengths and energy bands to suite any niche or need. Used mainly in the inactivation of various pathogens, UV-C is used for sterilisation and disinfection applications. UV-B has a similar effect to sunlight in that it enables applications in horticulture, skin therapy and medical devices.
'We are very pleased to have Photon Wave as one of our trusted suppliers, stated Huyen Vu, sales director. This enables us to expand our portfolio of UV LED products across all industries and applications, offering a wider array of wavelengths, geared toward each customer’s specific applications. We look forward and look ahead as this state-of-the-art technology continues to grow.'

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