WaveEye wavelength measuring device

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Laser Components now stocks WaveEye, a compact and versatile wavelength measuring device for cw or quasi-cw lasers between 450nm and 950nm. The measurement data is available at a rate of 1kHz without any warm-up delay. It can be used for an optical input power range between 0.1uW and 1mW. The digital measured value output is carried out via a USB connection, which also serves as a power supply. In addition, the wavelength information is available as voltages of up to 4.096V at the analogue output.

The WaveEye includes easy-to-use software or can be operated by simple serial text commands.

Due to its small size, the WaveEye is suitable as an OEM component for a variety of applications, such as tuneable lasers or as part of a larger measuring device.