WaveGo pocket-sized light measurement system

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The WaveGo from Wave Illumination offers simple yet accurate measurement for characterisation of light sources. Paired with a smartphone app, the handheld device measures absolute irradiance, lux, colour temperature, colour rendering, TM30, Melanopic lux, and PAR.

WaveGo’s compact size and connected data management make it an ideal solution for lighting manufacturers to test and prove quality in the plant and on field sales calls.

The device uses a miniature spectrometer with 3nm optical resolution to deliver highly accurate light measurement over the 350-800nm wavelength range, from 1 to 1,000,000lux. The smartphone app captures single and continuous measurements with one touch. Users can select any combination of absolute irradiance spectrum, lux, CIE 1931 colour, CRI (Ra, R1-15), TM30 (Rf and Rg), and PAR for each measurement taken.

With virtually no learning curve, plant engineers can verify quality throughout the manufacturing process, and sales staff can demonstrate conformance to specifications in the field. Results include a GPS location tag to easily track multiple measurement sites. Data can be saved locally, viewed and exported via email right on the phone. Cloud integration enables access to results from anywhere, due for release mid-2018.