Wavemon wavelength and power meter

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Gamma Scientific has released the Wavemon wavelength and power meter. The unit delivers accurate, real-time wavelength data combined with power measurement at a lower cost of traditional spectrometers.

Using proprietary optical filtering techniques and onboard calibration data, the Wavemon is able to resolve wavelength with accuracies to +/- 0.25nm and +/- 0.01nm repeatability and irradiance absolute accuracy of +/- 1 per cent.

The Wavemon is particularly well-suited for wavelength and power measurement of traditional laser sources, VCSEL devices, and LEDs. Real-time monochromator wavelength monitoring is also readily achievable.

Ideal for test and characterisation, the product is compatible with continuous-wave and pulsed sources from 365nm to 1,100nm, with short-wave infrared options. High dynamic range is achieved using a trans-impedance amplifier with five gain ranges, and rock-solid stability via temperature stabilised detectors and optical filters.

The unit comes standard with a USB 2.0 interface and drivers for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Calibration per ISO 17025 accreditation is also available.