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Yelo has launched a 5000-channel laser diode burn-in and life test system. The Y4000 is capable of production burn-in and accelerated life testing of optoelectronic devices. Historically Yelo has offered systems with a 1,000-channel capacity, but due to the rising volume demands of the market, the new system has been designed to accommodate a much higher capacity.

The 42U rack-based system provides a modular, temperature-controlled environment, which is designed to accommodate low power devices requiring up to 250mA channel current, and can burn-in up to a temperature of 150°C. The system is built comprising four separate ovens, allowing burn-in to be performed across four different temperature zones simultaneously if required.

Other features include: fully automated software; an innovative thermal management design that provides controlled temperature accuracy, helping to reduce test time; and chiller technology to accelerate the product throughput process.

The Y4000 is particularly useful for identifying devices that will fail very early in their use, as well as stabilising device operating parameters and thus ensuring that every device shipped meets the appropriate quality standards.