Edmund Optics has released the Techspec UCi series of fixed focal length lenses

Dover Motion, a designer and manufacturer of motion solutions for life sciences and diagnostics instruments, has launched the DOF-5 objective focusing stage

Bluebox Optics has introduced a modular LED light source ideally suited for fluorescence microscopy

Cobolt, a part of Hübner Photonics, has added a new wavelength of 640nm to the Cobolt 05-01 series of single frequency lasers

Laser Components now stocks WaveEye, a compact and versatile wavelength measuring device for cw or quasi-cw lasers between 450nm and 950nm

Techsil has launched a new UV meter from UV curing equipment specialists, Hönle. The UV-Meter measures intensity and dose of UV and UV-LED curing units and systems

Schneider-Kreuznach is converting its filter holders from black chrome to Gliss-Coat

A new series of single axis platform flexures from Siskiyou Corporation offer highly stable, economical mounting of optical components, along with single axis tilt adjustment

A look at the use of optical mirrors in space telescopes, and a round-up of the commercial offerings available for every application

Edmund Optics has introduced Techspec divergent adjustable (DA) fixed broadband beam expanders, optimised at a wide range of wavelengths for maximum flexibility, making them ideal for use with demanding tunable laser sources.

Iolight has launched an Android app for its Magnificent Mobile Microscope, which complements the existing app for iPads and iPhones and means that the Magnificent Mobile Microscope can now be used with most field portable screens.

Attocube, a developer of nanoprecise motion solutions, has released the Amc100, which is available for all industrial line temperature positioners