PowerPhotonic has released a range of freeform Field Mapper SAC (FM-SAC) optics

UK-based M Squared has launched its Equinox green laser

Cobolt, a part of Hübner Photonics, has introduced the Cobolt Tor XS, a Q-switched laser

A research team has created software for modelling femtosecond pulses that overlap at angles of up to 140 degrees much more efficiently than existing systems

Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced InGaN-based direct emission green laser diodes, wavelengths from 510-530nm, for pico projection and other RGB or green-laser applications

Laser Components now offers a digital laser driver for driving and monitoring selected Flexpoint laser modules

Ocean Optics has developed a range of high-powered LED light sources for fluorescence excitation and other spectroscopy measurements

Opto Diode has introduced the fourth device in the UVC series of narrow-spectral-output ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UVLEDs)

Analytik has introduced an airborne platform that offers the ability to simultaneously collect hyperspectral imaging and lidar measurements

Combining 3D printing with metal-coating and wet-etching processes enables metamaterial geometrical optics with unique properties

Gamma Scientific has released its enhanced UDT series of photometric sensors

Edmund Optics has introduced the new Techspec multi-element tube system, a highly versatile optical system that uses mix-and-match components