Edmund Optics (EO) has released new flat top beam shapers. These refractive field mapping optical systems convert a Gaussian beam profile to a flat top profile with near 100 per cent efficiency

Innovations in Optics has introduced the 3300P-100 TIR prism assembly that enables on-axis illumination and compact optical system designs

Laser Components has introduced a new platform to the Keopsys range of pulsed Erbium fibre lasers, the PK50.

Jenoptik now offers quick turn silicon optics to future partners

IMM Photonics’ new laser diode module with single mode coupling offers highly stable performance across a wide range of temperatures

Wenglor has introduced new inductive sensors with switching distances of up to 50mm, magnetic field resistance of 200mT and a correction factor of 1

SphereOptics is now a partner of OSI Optoelectronics, whose portfolio covers different types of silicium photodiodes such as PIN photodiodes, PSDs, photodiode arrays and colour sensors

CoreTechnologie has released the latest version (4.1) of its data conversion software 3D_Evolution, adapting it to the latest trends in CAx, digitisation and Industry 4.0

The LDMount from Wavelength Electronics is a laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking and simple connections between the drivers and the diode laser

The new ADL-83Y51TL from Laser Components offers a high performance and low cost solution for any application requiring high power NIR radiation with a longitudinal single mode beam profile

The IQFROG, manufactured by Coherent Solutions and distributed by Laser Components, can be used to measure the intensity and phase of optical pulses in both spectral and temporal domains, giving a complete pulse characterisation

To ensure the compatibility of its x-InGaAs arrays with commonly available electronics on the market, the Laser Components Detector Group (LCDG) has developed the TEESS (TEmpe Electronics & Software Set) electronic drive module