28 January 2020

Researchers have developed a new method to better model human stroke which uses artery-targeted photothrombosis.

17 January 2020

This webinar will dive into the technology behind laser-based functional surface texturing, with a focus on the EU-funded LAMpAS project

16 January 2020

Spectroelectrochemistry is an extremely valuable tool to study any mechanism that involves an electron transfer. By combining the best of both the electrochemistry and spectroscopy worlds, it allows researchers to probe a range of reactions and extract valuable 

15 January 2020

EOT’s Yb:CALGO is a very suitable material for high power, ultrashort pulse laser applications. Its outstanding properties comprise a high thermal conductivity and an inhomogeneously broadened Yb-emission band.

13 December 2019

Dr Mike Soulby of Pro-Lite explains the physics of the piezoelectric effect, how the inverse piezoelectric effect is employed in precision nanopositioning, and the differences between open and closed loop control of piezoelectric devices.