29 September 2021

An ultraviolet (UV) hyperspectral camera was used to capture spectroscopic images, showing UV reflectance signatures that are not detectible with human vision.

13 September 2021

In this White Paper, Raptor’s Dr. Geoff Martin, gives an overview of InGaAs based detectors for imaging in SWIR and the benefits of vacuum-based cooling.

31 August 2021

In this application note featuring the QE Pro-Raman+ spectrometer, we examine the curing rate of a two-part epoxy as a model system for monitoring the kinetics and reaction completion of industrial processes.

31 August 2021

This paper describes in detail how Newport rotation stages by MKS Instruments can be used to adjust laser power by changing the position of wave plates or polarizers.

17 August 2021

In this white paper, Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo explains the science of diffuse reflectance, presents Lambert’s cosine law and explains how a diffuse reflectance material appears equally bright from all angles of view.