14 July 2021

On demand: Hear more about the challenges and potential solutions across the academic and business sectors in training - and attracting and retaining - more skilled personnel

08 June 2021

Ultrashort pulse laser processing for displays and other products, featuring advanced techniques for cutting polymers and ultra-thin glass, as well as micro glass welding

04 June 2021

In this white paper, Pro-Lite’s Dr Nick Barnett provides an update on the current and emerging technologies employed in commercially available multispectral and hyperspectral imagers.

25 May 2021

The GEMINI interferometer enables an innovative approach to broadband pump-probe spectroscopy. Thanks to the employed time-domain Fourier Transform (FT) detection system, this configuration permits the measurement of the broadband pump-probe signal with a single-pixel detector and a single-channel lock in amplifier. In this way, it's possible to combine an ultra-broad spectral coverage with an extremely high sensitivity

07 May 2021

Power consumption is critical in many sensing applications that use VCSELs. This whitepaper discusses how the characterization of VCSELs in both continuous wave (CW) and pulsed operation mode can be simplified.