30 June 2020

Values for Laser Induced Damage Thresholds (LIDTs) can vary. Inflated values give a rosy glow to the coater and a redder glow to the end user when their optics damage under seemingly safe conditions.

30 June 2020

Monitoring greenhouse gases directly from space is essential to improve the accuracy of climate change analysis. This whitepaper details the use of a LIDAR in space using a GHz frequency-comb for in-orbit calibration.

05 June 2020

One of the most promising candidates for the perfect quantum qubit are defect centres in solid-state materials, also known as colour centres. Widely tunable cw lasers make it quicker and easier to characterize the internal energy structure of different qubit contenders. Read how!

03 June 2020

In this application note, Edinburgh Instruments utilises a Transient Absorption Spectrometer featuring dual detector options for direct kinetic and spectral measurements to Study a Molecular Triad’s Photoinduced Electron Tra

29 May 2020

Controlling the quality and yield of crops will be crucial elements of increased food production. Growing crops in greenhouses and vertical farms (greenhouse factories) will allow us to better control the process of growing food and, in the case of vertical farms, move food production closer to the consumer (vertical farms can be integrated into existing structures such as warehouses). In greenhouses, LEDs are a popular lighting option to provide the spectral energy to crops for photosynthesis and other growth processes.

This whitepaper will explore how optical sensing is used for real-time monitoring of LED greenhouse lighting, and how this can be used to manage colour and power output.