08 June 2017

Cylinder lenses are crucial to the progression of technology for applications ranging from medical diagnostic devices to laser diode correction mechanisms.

08 June 2017

Fluorescence spectroscopy has been used to characterise natural organic matter (NOM) in water. Excitation-emission maps reveal the nature and concentration of NOM in river water and can be used as a routine analysis technique in water treatment facilities.

10 April 2017

Red-edge fluorescence spectroscopy of proteins is a powerful tool to study protein structure and dynamics. The technique is demonstrated for studies of N-acetyl-L-tryptophanamide and porcine eye lens proteins.

05 December 2016

It is only in the last two decades that Raman spectroscopy has begun to realize its potential as an almost universally applicable analytical technique from materials and life sciences applications to point of care analysis.

07 November 2016

This Application Note, from Ocean Optics, explores how absorbance spectroscopy and chemometric analysis are used for authentication and quality assurance in the production of alcoholic drinks.