03 July 2013

From wafer level optics to 3D imaging, a new 'in-situ' process re-optimisation technique for continuous process adaption during deposition will enable rapid process development and new levels of production yield in optical thin films by sputter or evaporation.

24 May 2013

The average amount of sweet cherry produced in Hungary is around 10-12 thousand tons. Therefore fast and effective method is important for sweet cherry fruit quality analyses. The aim of this study was to examine the applicability of reflectance measurements for sweet cherry fruit quality analyses.

11 March 2013

This white paper outlines the questions you should ask yourself when making a decision about which type of laser beam profiler will be best for your application.

07 March 2013

This informative white paper covers a range of topics related to choosing optics for use in the field of microscopy, covering terminology, filters, fluorophores, applications and more.

06 March 2013

Replicated Optics achieve high optical accuracy and tolerances while realizing numerous benefits, particularly lower costs and reduced complexity. Suited to applications requiring anywhere from only a few, to hundreds or even thousands of precision optical components, Replicated Optics include mirrors of nearly any surface shape or amplitude gratings, and with a range of coatings and substrates.