21 April 2014

The carrier-envelope offset frequency and phase of a Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser can be stabilised by directly feeding back to the output power of a 532nm finesse pure 10 Watt pump laser with our new CEP feature. The performance with this approach matches that of traditional setups employing acousto-optic modulators in the pump beam (~100 mrad integrated phase noise) but has potential for massive improvement due to the enhanced available modulation bandwidth compared to AOMs (approximately 700kHz versus tens of kHz).

25 March 2014

Stray light limits the maximum absorbance level achievable with a given spectrometer. Once the stray light limit is reached, sample dilution or a smaller pathlength is required to measure more concentrated samples. In this application note, we show the impact of stray light on the maximum absorbance level and describe how optimizing the choice of light source can minimize stray light and increase the maximum absorbance measured.

11 March 2014

This white paper will help users choose the correct optical filter for any application, with advice on terminology, fabrication techniques, and the various types of filter.

02 January 2014

PowerPhotonic has developed a revolutionary new technology for the fabrication of freeform optical components in silica glass.

24 October 2013

The choices made by optical engineers and designers on the layout of the spectrometer can have a significant impact on the performance and effectiveness of the instrument not to mention the cost of manufacture. This paper offers some simple guidance on this process.