28 September 2018

OPO technology sets new standards in wavelength coverage of commercial systems. A remarkable number of photonic applications call for continuous-wave (cw) laser light that is widely tunable throughout the visible range of the spectrum. However, this spectral region remains difficult to access wit

27 September 2018

Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) is a critical parameter when selecting or specifying laser optics. Underspecifying LIDT can lead to catastrophic component failure in the lab or field, risking the performance of critical equipment.

27 September 2018

Raman spectroscopy is emerging as a rapid, portable tool to test premium liquors for evidence of adulteration or substitution –problems relevant in the rising production of pisco in Peru, where the liquor must originate from specific grape varieties and regions.

22 August 2018

In 1907 English engineer Henry Joseph Round was testing the rectifying current behaviour of SiC crystallites and noticed that a faint yellow light was emitted from the SiC; this was simultaneously the first reported observation of the phenomena of electroluminescence spectroscopy and the fi

24 July 2018

Remote monitoring of crops via satellites using color cameras was the earliest form of spectral imaging in agricultural management. Now, a new dynamically adjustable and cost-effective solution is available.