01 June 2018

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are impacting the biomedical field by providing fast, reliable and cost-effective diagnostic devices.

01 May 2018

In this note the photophysical properties of a promising white light emitting perovskite, (DMEN)PbBr4, are measured using the FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer.

01 May 2018

UV/VIS spectroscopy refers to absorption/reflection measurements performed in the ultraviolet and visible light spectrum and is one of the common tools in many a chemist’s tool box.

09 April 2018

Thanks to rapid technology advancements in recent years, Raman spectroscopy has become a routine, cost-efficient, and much appreciated analytical tool with applications in material science and in-line process control for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical and agricultural industries. This white paper discusses important performance parameters to consider when selecting a laser for Raman spectroscopy experiments

06 February 2018

The webinar, organised by MIRPHAB, presents the working principles, applications and existing capabilities of MIR chemical sensors in Europe, featuring Adam Piotrowski (VIGO Systems), Ana Gonzalez (EPIC/MIRPHAB) and Fabio Pavanell (Ugent/IMEC).