Greenhouse gas detector feels the heat in Africa

Scientists from CarboAfrica, a program to study the carbon cycle and other greenhouse gases (GHG) in Sub-Saharan Africa, have installed a rugged GHG monitor (the Picarro G1301) at a remote field site in equatorial West Africa - the Station de Geophysique de Lamto.

Glass measurement made easy

A European glass container manufacturer has increased its bottle quality and efficiency in bottle production by using photonics to improve its production line method to measure the dimensions of its glass bottles and containers.

Lasers brush up astrophysics spectroscopy

Menlo Systems and two international teams of scientists have developed a technique using laser frequency combs to improve the precision and stability of wavelength calibration of astrophysical spectrographs.

e2v signs astronomical contract

e2v has signed contract from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) to provide CCD image sensors for the Very Large Telescope operated in Chile.


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