The LED trio driving the automotive industry

The soon-to-be released Audi R8 will feature a full LED headlamp, supplied by Automotive Lighting, with LEDs supplied by Osram and Lumileds. This will be the second vehicle to feature LEDs in the headlamp, after the Lexus LS600h, which used Koito headlamps with Nichia LEDs.

LEDs light up hotel

Swedish lighting designers Flux have lit up the prestigious SAS Radisson Hotel in Linkoping, Sweden, using Dialight Lumidrives' LED modules.

LED to indicate the severity of F1 crashes

A Marl LED is to be fitted to all Formula One cars as the warning light in a mandatory crash severity indication system, which alerts medical rescue crews to the seriousness of an accident.

High-res cameras find three planets

High-resolution cameras have helped a British and Irish team of astronomers to discover three new planets. The cameras captured information about the size, mass and composition of the planet.


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