Tiny spectrometer with big future

A portable IR spectrometer, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, will allow officers to identify suspicious substances on the scene of the crime.

MEMS provides clearer view of living cells

Scientists at the Universities of Boston and Oxford are using MEMS-based deformable mirrors to create images that delve deeper into living cells. The technique could have important applications in skin cancer and neurological research.

Aerosol imaging helps predict climate change

Nasa is to use a device from Hind Instruments to measure the polarisation of light, providing key information on the effect of aerosols in the atmosphere, ultimately helping to predict global climate change

Defence deal secured by Thales

Qioptiq has secured a significant contract through Thales Australia to supply the Australian Defence Forces with its VIPIR-2 thermal imaging equipment.


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