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Members of a BIOS panel discussion agreed that AI could be a solution to processing the exceptional amounts of data produced by photonics-enabled wearable point of care devices, but not without its own challenges.

Photonics West: AI could analyse data produced by wearables

Handling and interpreting the data produced by multi-sensor wearable devices presents a formidable challenge to the healthcare sector

The funding will support Lumai in building and launching optical networks for next-generation artificial intelligence models

Lumai awarded £1.1m for work on next-gen optical AI

The funding from Innovate UK will support the building of photonic neural networks for high-performance computing and machine vision applications

OSK claims itself to be the first US-based commercial company to launch a fleet of persistent space-based satellite platforms equipped with best-in-class hyperspectral sensors (Image: Nvidia)

Satellites to monitor gas pipelines for leaks using hyperspectral imaging

The technology will help the oil & gas industry meet its compliance and regulatory obligations, as well as help transition towards more sustainable operations

Artistic representation of a neural network containing optically-interconnected Mach-Zehnder interferometers. The interferometer is the main component of the quantum memristor. (Credit: Equinox Graphics, University of Vienna)

Accelerating artificial neurons with photonic circuits

Physicists at the University of Vienna have demonstrated a new device, called a quantum memristor, which may allow scientists to combine AI and quantum computing, in order to unlock unprecedented capabilities for research.

Augmented Microscopy Platform

Jenoptik Optical Systems has announced the development of an innovative technology to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to conventional microscopy

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