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The new financing round will be used to accelerate the ADAS firm’s series production development with major OEMs. (Image: Shutterstock/0pen) 

Phantom AI secures new funding for autonomous driving platform

Silicon Valley start-up Phantom AI said it raised $36.5m in funding for its driver assistance platform featuring computer vision, sensor fusion and control capabilities

Last year, PhotonDelta secured more than €1 billion in funding to embark on a six-year programme to invest in photonic startups and scaleups

Dutch startups announce breakthroughs at Photonics West

Companies supported by PhotonDelta have made a series of breakthrough announcements at the Dutch Pavilion in San Francisco

The Innoviz360 is designed for OEMs looking to achieve level 4-5 automation in applications such as robotaxis, shuttles, trucks, and delivery vehicles. (Image: Innoviz)

CES: Which photonics firms launched new automotive lidar tech?

Solutions for autonomous driving and other sensing applications were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023

Innoviz Technologies' lidar sensors and perception software will be used across Volkswagen's brands. (Image: InnovizTechnologies)

$4bn deal: Innoviz is Volkswagen's new lidar supplier

The selection is Innoviz’ third major design win and has increased its forward-looking order book by $4 billion to $6.6 billion

Investment is making lidar more accessible and cost-effective for the autonomous driving sector

The driving force behind autonomous vehicles

Keely Portway delves into some of the latest lidar developments for self-driving vehicles, and how these are proving beneficial in other applications


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