EUV lithography

Imec is using a high harmonic generation laser with anamorphic mirrors to explore high NA EUV challenges

Chipmakers look to EUV lithography’s next generation

Semiconductor manufacturers want the next big thing: to adopt high numerical aperture lithographic processes using extreme ultraviolet light to print smaller circuits. Andy Extance finds out more


Model 251MX

For water window imaging, HHG laser spectroscopy, x-ray plasma diagnostics, extreme ultraviolet lithography, optical characterisation, metrology and calibration, the McPherson Model 251MX high-energy flat-field spectrograph delivers uncompromising performance

Driving Moore’s law with CO2 lasers

Matthew Dale reports from the European Photonic Industry Consortium’s Executive Meeting on Industrial Lasers, where it was explained how CO­2 lasers could be used to produce the next generation of computer processors

ASML invests €1 billion in Zeiss to boost EUV lithography

ASML has acquired a 24.9 per cent minority stake of Germany-based Carl Zeiss SMT, a business group of Carl Zeiss AG (Zeiss), for €1 billion in cash. The main objective of this agreement is to facilitate the development of the future generation of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography systems


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