Organoid imaged with Andor’s desktop confocal microscope system, the BC43. Credit: Andor

Photonics helps advanced microscopes become more accessible

As microscopes become ever more powerful, a growing band of businesses are racing to make the latest technologies more accessible and more affordable, reports Rebecca Pool

Researchers have been able to compensate for the disturbance entagled photons experience during propagation through a scattering layer and restore entanglement at the output

Solved entanglement challenge boosts quantum imaging tech

Researchers may have solved a key challenge of entanglement that could advance the development of quantum-enhanced imaging technologies

Nominated for the German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis) 2022 (from left to right): Ralf Wolleschensky, Dr Jörg Siebenmorgen and Dr Thomas Kalkbrenner Picture: Deutscher Zukunftspreis/Ansgar Pudenz

Zeiss microscope developers win German President’s award

The award, presented by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Germany, honours scientists for exceptional achievements in technology, engineering and the life sciences


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