Sensors and detectors

Quantum computer innovation has been chasing faster gate speeds for the past two decades (Image: Shutterstock/Quardia)

Speeding up the quantum game

Researchers have developed new quantum computing hardware that dramatically improves on the quantum gate speeds of prior technologies

To image the plane engine, the researchers used a 7m-diameter optical mounting frame (red) located just 3 m from the exit nozzle of the engine. The testing facility is at the Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aeroespacial (INTA) in Madrid. Credit: Gordon Humphries, University of Strathclyde

Infrared imaging captures plane carbon emissions

The technology could help accelerate turbine combustion research

Teams of up to 15 workers will be replaced by just two drone operatives. Credit: Scottish Water

Lidar-equipped drones to survey Scottish sewers

Lidar will cut the cost of repairs and maintenance, reduce the risk of flooding and pollution, improve the utility’s ability to target investment, and enhance workers’ safety.

Preliminary testing of the quantum gravity gradiometer designed by Michael Holynski and colleagues at the University of Birmingham, which has now been shown to locate an underground tunnel with a positional accuracy of 20cm. Credit: Crown Copyright

Underground quantum sensing set to erupt

Susan Curtis explores the new breed of quantum gravimeters finding their way onto the slopes of Mount Etna and into tunnels deep under Birmingham


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