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Tunable Laser Light Sources Advance Quantum Research

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A remarkable number of photonic applications call for continuous-wave (cw) laser light that is widely tunable throughout the visible range of the spectrum. However, this spectral region remains difficult to access with conventional tunable laser devices. This is why recently commercialized sources based on cw optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology have gained market awareness. In this white paper, the basic operating principles of such cw OPOs is discussed, followed by an illustrative example of how these OPOs help researchers analyse colour centers in diamond.

Widely tunable CW laser light across the visible

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OPO technology sets new standards in wavelength coverage of commercial systems. A remarkable number of photonic applications call for continuous-wave (cw) laser light that is widely tunable throughout the visible range of the spectrum. However, this spectral region remains difficult to access with conventional tunable laser devices. This is why recently commercialized sources based on cw optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology have gained market awareness - and become increasingly recognized as cost-effective and user friendly turn-key solutions.

Tunable lasers at work with trapped ions

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Professor Tobias Schaetz from the Amo Research Group at the University of Freiburg, Germany describes the group's experimental work with trapped ion systems. Coulomb crystals consisting of isotopically pure Magnesium ions are built employing a new tunable continuous-wave (cw) laser light source: Mg atoms are isotope-selective ionized by resonant two-photon excitation at a wavelength of 285.3 nm.

Single molecule spectroscopy using tunable lasers

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The fluorescence excitation spectra of single organic molecules in a solid state crystal are measured at cryogenic temperatures using a single frequency tunable laser light source based on optical parametric oscillator technology. This laser exhibits promising features as a light source for spectroscopy applications, including a broad tuning range from 450 to 650 nm, narrow linewidth < 1 MHz and mode-hop-free tuning over > 25 GHz. This application note presents the experimental setup, measured spectra and discusses the applicability of this kind of laser for high-resolution spectroscopy.

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