ultrafast lasers

Using ultrafast bursts of low-intensity pulses, researchers are able to add new functionalities inside semiconductor chips. (Image: Andong Wang)

Ultrafast lasers increase functionality of semiconductor chips

The method could exploit the sub-wafer surface space of chips to achieve higher integration densities and deliver extra functionality

Conceptual diagram of the world’s fastest two-qubit gate. Two atoms captured in optical tweezers (red light) with a separation of a micrometre are manipulated by an ultrafast laser pulse (blue light) shone for only 10 picoseconds. (Image: Dr Takafumi Tomita)

Researchers achieve 'breakthrough' in the realisation of ultrafast quantum computers

An exceptionally fast qubit gate has been developed, representing completely new quantum computer hardware that breaks through the limitations of previous formats

The laser enables ghostly lettering to be drawn in mid-air, which is viewable from all angles. (Image: Hongtuo Ultrafast Laser Joint Laboratory) 

Researchers 'write' in mid-air using ultrashort pulse lasers

Lasers have previously been able to produce optical illusions, however have required a dust/cloud medium in order to do so

The Central Laser Facility’s Vulcan laser amplifier and mirror bench, R1, at STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, 26 January 2015. Credit: Science and Technology Facilities Council

Ultrafast gets ultra-small

Katrina Wesencraft outlines engineering and optical challenges involved in shrinking ultrafast lasers, all the way down to tiny devices for sending into space

Chromacity partners with Tematys

The new partnership will see Tematys align the technological sourcing requirements of French organisations with the capabilities of Chromacity’s ultrafast lasers


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