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17 May 2022

A look at the market for spectroelectrochemistry and some of the products and solutions available

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17 May 2022

A look at the current market for Raman spectroscopy and some of the products and solutions available

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04 April 2022

A look at the current market for solar and some of the products and solutions available

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04 April 2022

A look at the market for photonic integrated circuits and some of the products and solutions available

28 February 2022

A look at the issues surrounding optics damage and some of the products and solutions available to help prevent this

25 February 2022

A look at the current market for positioning equipment and some of the products and solutions available

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24 January 2022

A look at the current market for fibre optic sensing and some of the products and solutions available

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24 January 2022

A look at the current market for optical coatings and some of the products and solutions available

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06 January 2022

Advances in research have made strides in the improvement of wearable and AR/VR displays

LLNL optical engineers Justin Wolfe (left) and Simon Cohen are seen through the 'r' filter (credit: Garry McLeod)

06 January 2022

A telescope, described as one of the world’s newest, has been completed following a project undertaken by researchers to develop some very specialist optical filters

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06 January 2022

Advances in optical prisms are being used to help researchers gain a greater understanding of space and astronomy

Electronics quality checks made using laser triangulation. (Image: Sick)

01 November 2021

We ask four experts to give their advice for 3D imaging best practices

Sydney Institute for Astronomy researchers have developed a new type of wavefront sensor that leverages a ‘photonic lantern’ and deep learning. (Norris et al.)

01 November 2021

Researchers have developed a wavefront sensor using a ‘photonic lantern’ that could optimise humanity’s viewing of the cosmos

At Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, engineers integrate the gamma ray and neutron spectrometer into the Psyche spacecraft. (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

01 November 2021

A gamma ray and neutron spectrometer was recently installed on the ‘Psyche’ spacecraft, which will launch next year to probe a distant asteroid and uncover clues about the origins of our solar system

Figure 1: Light propagation inside a photonic crystal is forbidden by a propagation gap, hence common plane waves are reflected and hardly penetrate into the crystal. By shaping the incident waves, they can be steered deep into the crystal. (Image: COPS, University of Twente) 

24 September 2021

A team of researchers has achieved a new level of control over light entering photonic crystals

UpNano offers printing materials and accessories for additive manufacturing processes. (Image: UpNano)

24 September 2021

Additive manufacturing firm, UpNano, has recently combined its multiphoton lithography-based 3D printing system, NanoOne, with Zemax’s OpticStudio

The beam shape of the metasuface based external cavity laser can be fully controlled to project a complex hologram, such as the Harvard shield. (Image: Christina Spägele/Harvard SEAS)

24 August 2021

Harvard researchers have developed a metasurface that can effectively tune the properties of laser light without the need of additional optical components

Low-loss mirrors are a key technology for many different research fields. (Image: Yury Zap/

24 August 2021

Researchers and industry partners have developed a low-loss mid-infrared mirror using a crystalline coating technology

Optical design has traditionally required large amounts of complex calculations to be performed. This can now be automated.

(Image: Zhang et al.)

20 July 2021

Researchers have developed a program for outputting high-quality freeform optical systems that simply requires basic optical design knowledge

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20 July 2021

A new single-photon avalanche diode system enables low-noise photon counting at superior speeds

01 June 2021

Scientists have developed a lensless, infrared spectral-imaging system for medical diagnostics

A metaform is a new optical component that can combine with freeform optics to enable compact AR/VR headsets and eyewear. (Image: University of Rochester illustration/Michael Osadciw)


01 June 2021

Researchers have combined freeform optics and a metasurface to deliver high-quality AR/VR glasses that are compact and easy to wear

A new dipping process using a sulfolane additive creates high-performing perovskite solar cells. The method is inexpensive and well-suited for scaling up to commercial production. (Image: LANL)

04 May 2021

The sulfolane-additive process yields easy fabrication, low-cost, top performance and long operating life

The rover Perseverance’s Sherloc instrument is equipped with the first UV Raman Spectrometer to be flown to the surface of Mars. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

04 May 2021

Perseverance is equipped with the first UV Raman Spectrometer to be flown to the surface of Mars

The gold ball used in size comparison with a one cent coin. (Image: Tobias Westphal/Arkitek Scientific)

26 March 2021

Scientists have demonstrated gravitational coupling between two gold spheres of one millimetre radius, thereby entering the regime of sub-100-milligram sources of gravity

This image shows perovskite photovoltaics in the background with individual perovskite crystals shown as the colourful units. (Credit: CUBE3D Graphic)

26 March 2021

Perovskite solar cell design delivers efficiencies to rival those made of silicon

Symetrie’s NanoPos is a miniature hexapod of 68mm height for positioning and adjustment of precision components in six degrees of freedom, with a 10nm resolution.

26 February 2021

Some of the latest positioning solutions for photonics equipment on the market

Samsung’s microLED display, The Wall, has been demonstrated at shows such as CES but is not yet available commercially. (Image: Samsung)

26 February 2021

Aledia brings making at least 24 million specialist wafers a year into sharp focus

The shape of modern optical components is becoming increasingly complex, which can make them more difficult to coat.

21 January 2021

Dr Kristin Pfeiffer, Pallabi Paul, and Dr Adriana Szeghalmi have developed conformal coating processes for functionalising strongly curved optics

A rendering of the experimental setup used. Light is reflected down to the nanostructure of molybdenum disulfide (yellow and teal lattice) and PZT (blue and green). Wavelengths reflecting from the surface are captured by the top detector as transmitted wavelengths pass through the PZT to the bottom detector. (Image: Hong et al.)

06 January 2021

Researchers could spur the development of smaller, more versatile optical filters that are especially adept at playing a trick of the light

03 November 2020

Car manufacturing has been hit hard by Covid-19 but the need for vision on production lines has not diminished, as Greg Blackman finds out

The optical set-up of the new dual-comb spectrometer. (Image: David R. Carlson, NIST and the University of Colorado Boulder)

03 November 2020

Matthew Dale speaks with the developers of the world’s first dual-comb spectrometer with an acquisition speed of 10 gigahertz

Photonic crystals are responsible for the iridescent colours of a butterfly's wings.

28 September 2020

Researchers have devised a new way of generating thin 3D photonic crystals that show promise for miniaturising photonic integrated circuits

Many university laboratories using lasers have had to shut down temporarily following a visit from an HSE inspector

26 August 2020

Matthew Dale learns how the safety knowledge of the laser community is not yet fully up to scratch

A small-sized silicon photonics chip that can be used for non-mechanical beam steering and scanning. (Credit: Yokohama National University).

26 August 2020

Japanese researchers have employed a bespoke prism lens to reduce the size and cost of lidar technology

Left: Birefringence image of a flat lens and intensity patterns of 488nm laser beam with different handedness circular polarisations focused and defocused by the same lens. Right: The same lens corrects short -5 D and long +5 D sightedness.

15 July 2020

Researchers have developed a new technique for producing flat optics with ultra-low loss and high damage threshold

A Hybrid Hexapod being used for camera image stabilisation (Image: ALIO Industries)

15 July 2020

As motion control systems reach ever-higher levels of precision, new standards and methods are required to better define their capabilities to end users, Matthew Dale finds

04 June 2020

US researchers have proposed a photovoltaic cell that could generate power throughout the night

A new type of PIC has been developed, the properties of which can be programmed using a combination of light and heat

30 April 2020

Researchers in the Netherlands have developed a new type of photonic integrated circuit that can be programmed using a combination of light and heat

A new simple chip powered by quantum dots allows standard microscopes to visualise difficult-to-image biological organisms.

30 March 2020

MIT researchers have developed a multi-layered chip that could dramatically reduce the cost of dark-field microscopes

02 March 2020

Matthew Dale discovers how high-resolution LED matrices and blue lasers are set to increase the functionality of automotive lighting

23 January 2020

The latest research on ultrafast lasers will be presented at Photonics West in San Francisco

Figure 2: Micro-integrated ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser based on resonant optical feedback (footprint of the AlN optical bench (light grey): 80 x 30mm2)

05 December 2019

The European Space Agency’s Laser Interferometer Space Antenna requires very-low-noise seed lasers

05 December 2019

Professor Emir Salih Magden updates on plans to commercialise an on-chip broadband optical filter

12 November 2019

The technique uses a nanostructure that ‘traps’ molecules from the air and amplifies the Raman signal

25 October 2019

The high electrical current required to achieve the lasing process has made it difficult to create the devices up until now

25 September 2019

A University of Cambridge team has designed a nanowire-based spectrometer that doesn’t require dispersive elements like a prism, therefore permitting greater miniaturisation than conventional systems

12 July 2019

New method can measure large-scale quantum correlation of single photons, which until now would have required thousands of single photon counters

23 May 2019

A research team has created software for modelling femtosecond pulses that overlap at angles of up to 140 degrees much more efficiently than existing systems

29 April 2019

Combining 3D printing with metal-coating and wet-etching processes enables metamaterial geometrical optics with unique properties

09 April 2019

The amplification of phonons in solids represents a further step towards new phononic devices for the next generation of sensors, mobile phones and computing

27 February 2019

Optomel founder Damien Gardiner, a semi-finalist for SPIE's Startup Challenge at Photonics West, explains how the firm is making optical filters based on self-organised materials

10 December 2018

New nanometre-accurate hexapod opens up applications in laser processing and metrology

01 November 2018

Prism technology that’s now a major part of optical communications is finding its way into next-generation lidar systems

01 November 2018

Advances in Raman spectroscopy could one day make invasive blood glucose tests a thing of the past

21 September 2018

Matthew Dale on Daimler’s new beam analysis equipment for laser welding differential gears

21 September 2018

Consumer electronics, telecommunications, and solar energy are all driving developments in optical coatings, according to a new market report

21 August 2018

A new crystal doping technique could enable more powerful lasers

18 July 2018

A look at how single photon counting is being used in a Horizon 2020 project, and a round-up of the latest commercial products

26 June 2018

A look at the latest optical modelling programs and their application in the development of self-driving cars

30 May 2018

A look at the use of optical mirrors in space telescopes, and a round-up of the commercial offerings available for every application

19 April 2018

A laser-based gas analyser that employs novel optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology was a finalist in this year’s SPIE Prism Awards

26 March 2018

Part of the development of advanced endoscopes is scaling down the components that position the micro-optics inside of them

16 February 2018

Continuously variable bandpass filters offer a good middle ground for building hyperspectral imaging solutions, says Delta Optical Thin Film’s Oliver Pust

14 November 2017

In November's Product Focus, we look at some of the latest spectroscopy systems, components and software

26 September 2017

In the October Product Focus, we take a look at the latest products for positioning optical components and systems

08 August 2017

In the August/September Product Focus, we take a look at the latest versions of optical modelling software