James Webb: A technician inspects the primary mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope. The team’s improvements involving a Shack-Hartmann sensor have opened up applications for eye doctors examining human eyesight (image credit: NASA/Chris Gunn)

17 May 2022

How the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing technique can be used to simply and quickly assess the quality of optical systems

Image credit: DesignPrax/

6 April 2022

A look at UV sterilisation and how advances in optical filters for illumination have opened up new applications by alleviating safety concerns

4 April 2022

Keely Portway investigates how the latest developments in specialised intensifier cameras have allowed opportunities for a number of exciting specialist applications in low-light scenarios

Image intensifiers help to increase the intensity of the available light in a system, which allows better image reproduction in low-light scenarios. This specialist technology is used in a range of applications, including biotechnology, industry, research and astronomy. 

1 March 2022

Gemma Church examines how a new spectroscopy model is helping to detect gases with increasing accuracy

25 February 2022

When Solid State Supplies added PAX pulsed xenon light sources to its Excelitas illumination solutions, it was the latest step in a fruitful photonics partnership