Principle diagram of high-sensitivity detection of harmful gases in livestock based on TDLAS

10 September 2021

Gemma Church examines the latest innovations in laser spectroscopy to aid accurate gas emission measurements

Gem laser with attached fibre on a vibration test plate

10 September 2021

Novanta’s new, high efficiency, high power single-mode coupling system is advancing the fibre coupling space of diode-pumped solid state lasers (DPSS), finds Gemma Church

26 July 2021

Gemma Church talks to Pro-Lite Technology about next-generation, cost-effective hyperspectral imaging technologies

Human neuroblastoma cells: nuclei are stained in red, microfilaments are in green and in blue

26 July 2021

Gemma Church explains how Vortran Laser Technology’s laser diodes are advancing flow cytometry and confocal microscopy

NIREOS’ core technology is represented by the GEMINI Interferometer: a compact and ultra-stable common-path interferometer, which unlocks all the advantages of the Fourier-Transform approach (such as light throughput and wavelength accuracy) also in the UV-Visible and Near Infrared spectral region. The GEMINI can be used in many experiments in linear and non-linear spectroscopy, such as fluorescence and pump-probe spectroscopy.

21 June 2021

Gemma Church finds out more about the Gemini interferometer from Nireos and its new uses