26 January 2023

PHABULOuS’s innovative CAD-based tools can analyse free-form micro-optical array (FMOA) designs for the early detection of manufacturing constraints and avoid time-consuming and costly adjustments at a later stage.

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20 January 2023

Delivering diagnostics at the time of testing improves healthcare outcomes, but requires photonics firms who develop optical sensing technologies such as spectroscopy, to adapt to the changing needs of the medical sector

20 January 2023

Designers, builders and operators of free-space networks can leverage LWIR quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) to achieve multi Gb/s data transfer rates. Find out how

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16 January 2023

A novel approach to metalens design could remove some of the traditional barriers associated with this technology

In a test with the Egoo system, the patient submits a small blood or saliva sample in a capsule, which is placed in the actual testing apparatus (one of the white boxes in the background). The device will display the result of the test on a mobile telephone

10 January 2023

Advances in optical filters allow medical measurement tool vendors to provide more compact, lower-cost instruments