10 June 2021

David Gibson, managing director of Photon Lines, looks back at his more than 40 years working with light-based technology

Typical layout of an infrared gas spectroscopy system

13 May 2021

Vigo System is helping advance gas analysis and sensing tools for a wide range of applications. Gemma Church investigates

13 May 2021

Gemma Church finds out how Lambda Research’s optical modelling software is accelerating UV sterilisation system design

13 May 2021

In excerpts from our its Applied Spectral Knowledge podcast (, Ocean Insight experts weigh in on NIR spectroscopy. Featured are Yvette Mattley, Lab Services Manager; Ty Olmstead, VP, Engineering and Product Management; and Joe Bonvallet, Senior Application Scientist.

Providing researchers with a tool to accurately model the interaction between light and biological tissue could enable new diagnostic devices and methods

12 April 2021

Gemma Church explains how LightTools, from Synopsys, makes tissue modelling more accessible to design next-gen diagnostics.