Beam shaping challenges and solutions in the application of blue laser diodes

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Interest in blue laser diodes has grown rapidly in recent years due to encouraging results in applications as diverse as advanced laser projection and material processing, particularly involving highly reflective metals such at copper, aluminium and gold. In the latter case, high power blue laser diodes have found success in both copper welding and cladding applications used in emerging rechargeable battery technology, consumer electronics and healthcare to name but a few. In coupling and shaping blue light for these and other applications, several unique challenges are encountered. Solution design for blue applications is similar to infra-red in many ways such as optical performance, index of refraction, performance lifetime etc, but may also require additional thought with regard to thermal management, particularly for laser bar based solutions where performance degradation at higher temperatures needs to be avoided. Here we will present optical beam shaping solutions to address current and future challenges in this exciting domain.

Dr. Daniel Braam
Head of Product Line Management, Laser Optics BU
Focuslight Technologies Inc.

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