Chemical sensors based on Mid-IR technologies for real-time detection

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Wed 21 November 2018 - 2:00 PM GMT

There is a need for new miniaturised tools able to provide direct and real-time detection without the requirement of sampling and further analysis at the lab. Mid-IR sensors can fulfil this requirement by combining the selectively of cascade lasers and the miniaturisation capabilities of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technologies. In this webinar, we present the fundamental of mid-IR sensing and the offer of MIRPHAB, the Pilot Line for prototyping miniaturised chemical sensors based on Mid-IR, including examples of possible applications, details about the technology and access.

Who should attend?

This webinar is oriented to end-user companies, SMEs and startup companies that are thinking about developing a chemical sensor but also to engineers and students that want to know more about the possibilities of Mid-IR technologies.


Dr Ana Gonzalez
Dissemination Manager of MIRPHAB Pilot Line, 
'Mid Infrared Technologies, fundamental and applications'

Dr Sergio Nicoletti
Coordinator of MIRPHAB Pilot Line, 
'Minituarization of chemical sensors using MIRPHAB Pilot Line'

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