On demand: EPIC webinar on quantum photonics

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To view the webcast, follow this link.

It is hard to imagine how quantum technologies will alter our daily lives in the next 10 years, but, as of today, innovation in this sector is already creating a strong demand for innovative photonics components.

Companies and research organisations are working on the realisation of quantum cameras, quantum clocks, and quantum communication networks secured by quantum key distribution, but there are challenges inhibiting the commercialisation of such devices.

The types of photonics components needed to push the commercialistion of quantum technologies further include: affordable, small, high power lasers in the 698.4nm, 780nm, and 813nm wavelength range; atom chips that enable laser cooling with a single laser beam; and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) that permit photon pair generation on chip, or even enable a low-cost quantum key distribution device smaller than a human fingernail.

The purpose of the EPIC Webinar on Quantum technologies is to demonstrate how companies are developing products based on the demands of the quantum community, and to enable a debate on the needs of new photonics products for the quantum market.

This is the first of many activities of EPIC in quantum photonics.



José Pozo
CTO at EPIC-European Photonics Industry Consortium


Michael Geiselmann
Managing Director & co-founder at LIGENTEC SA

Marco Garcia
R&D Manager at VLC Photonics

David Burt
Business Development Manager at Kelvin Nanotechnology

Valerian Giesz
Co-Founder & CEO at Quandela

Mark MacKenzie
Senior R&D Engineer at UniKLasers