On demand: Webinar on Brillouin distributed sensing - by EPIC and EU Pulse project

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To view the webcast, follow this link.

The Webinar on Brillouin distributed sensing will review all aspects of distributed sensing, including: the requirements and challenges in designing sensing cables; the special demands for equipment installation; and how to process data.

Brillouin distributed sensing could benefit various applications, such as structural health monitoring, smart grid, soil management, mining, and oild and gas. These applicartions will be discussed in the webinar. For more information on Brillouin distributed sensing visit the PULSe website: www.distributedsensing.net


Elena Beletkaia
Project leader at EPIC, European Photonics Industry Consortium


Filippo Bastianini
President and CEO at SestoSensor.

Will speak on: Brillouin distributed fiber optic sensing: an integration approach of sensor cable, interrogator and data processing.

Gabriele Bolognini

PULSe Project Coordinator.

Will speak on: Distributed Brillouin sensing: fundamentals and applications.

Isabelle Pellegrini
R&D Manager for Data Analysis & Interpretation at Ziebel.

Will speak on: Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing in Oil & Gas -  Applications in unconventional producers.