Green light on lidar: developing low-cost systems for autonomous vehicles

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20th March 2019 at 3pm GMT / 7am US PT

For driverless cars to see mainstream adoption, engineers must solve critical lidar design challenges including improving the detection range and field of view, ensuring adaptability to environmental factors, and ensuring safety. Today, engineering teams are debating the best design choices, with no clear winner. Who will win the race toward effective lidar manufactured at a low cost?

This webinar will identify the factors critical in accelerating the development of lidar. We will discuss the need for teams to be able to:
• Quickly try out and identify new solutions 
• Incorporate manufacturing and assembly limits into design constraints to ensure manufacturability and production efficiency
• Simulate the impact of mechanical designs on optical performance

With tools that provide these abilities, teams can reduce development time and lower costs to win the race for autonomous vehicle market share.