Low photonics noise lidar

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The goal of the next generation of advanced high-definition lidar products is to provide compact solutions that can reliably and affordably recognise threats at long distances and wide angles while being safe for other road users and pedestrians.

Moreover, reducing unused photons in upcoming autonomous vehicles will be essential to avoiding uncontrolled photonic noise and non-visible contamination with laser lights on streets and throughout cities. 

Such noise could affect other technologies, equipment, and the eyes of both people and animals. 

In this webinar, the critical factors that influence the control of lidar photons with the latest beam shaping innovations and how to achieve control while maintaining high quality for volume production are discussed.

The requirements for laser sources, such as high-power and good signal-to-noise ratio for the long range are considered. These influence the need for damage threshold and homogeneity distribution for all optical components. Wide angles and eye safety can be addressed by glass optics with high refractive indices in combination with intelligent ROE and DOE beam shaping approaches, reducing zero-order or hot spots. Keeping these parameters stable under different environmental influences, i.e. a wide range of temperatures, is the key to a safe and reliable product for the automotive industry and beyond.


Dr. Daniel Braam, head of product line management at

Focuslight Technologies Inc.

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