Mobile display processing: Challenges and solutions

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Ultrashort pulse laser processing for displays and other products, featuring advanced techniques for cutting polymers and ultra-thin glass, as well as micro glass welding.

Display technology for mobile devices is in a constant state of evolution.  The new technologies and capabilities for displays require new materials, especially for display exteriors that are both flexible and durable.  Options include ultrathin glass (UTG) as well as a new type of clear polyimide (clear PI) coated with a scratch resistant hard coat (HC) layer.  

Using the Spectra-Physics IceFyre IR industrial ps laser from MKS with advanced pulsing control, it is possible to generate exceptional glass cutting and welding results.  With the nonlinear absorption of ps pulses combined with the self-reconstructing property of optical Bessel beams, one can generate patterned fine structures in glass, leading to fast, high-quality profile cutting for mobile device display manufacturing.  In addition, applying the ps IR pulses at a very high pulse repetition rate allows controlled, localized heating and melting at sub-surface regions in bulk glass, which enables “through-transmission” micro welding to another co-planar material (glass or other).

Likewise, using IceFyre UV ps lasers and specialized pulse control capabilities can generate exceptional quality and speed for full-cutting of a layer stack comprised of clear PI , a scratch resistant HC layer, and a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) protective sheet.

In this webinar, we present results for both cutting and welding relevant to mobile display manufacturing and other markets, as well as highlight the IceFyre IR and UV picosecond lasers used in generating such results.