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Scientists prove the impossible by slowing the speed of light

News image23 January 2015
A team of scientists have managed to do what was previously thought to be impossible; to slow photons in free space without impedance from other materials such as water or glass


New technique to improve pulsed lasers

News image22 January 2015
Researchers have found a way to generate more powerful, more energy efficient and low-cost pulsed lasers.


Laser system for 3D movies could make 3D glasses redundant

16 January 2015


Competition for Google Glass apparent at Consumer Electronics Show

14 January 2015


Hubble telescope gets a high-definition view of Pillars of Creation

13 January 2015


Prism Awards 2015 announced

9 January 2015


SPIE photo contest celebrating International Year of Light announces winner

8 January 2015


Lidar laser to be supplied for NASA climate research

7 January 2015


Lens-free microscope rivals accuracy of optical microscopes for cheaper tissue examination

5 January 2015


Analysis & Opinion

Emerging imaging and quantum tech to receive UK funding, says KTN photonics director

18 December 2014
Anke Lohmann, head of photonics at the UK's Knowledge Transfer Network, comments on the proposed £50 million funding for emerging technologies, including photonics, recently announced by the UK's Technology Strategy Board, Innovate UK. Emerging imaging technologies and quantum technologies are both earmarked to receive funding, she says

Photonics IP protected? What to consider when commercialising new innovations

19 November 2014
Dr Andrew Fearnside, a senior associate at law firm Appleyard Lees, sets out the arguments for protecting intellectual property when commercialising photonics innovations, and what to consider when seeking IP protection

The VC marriage

News image27 October 2014
Following coaching the start-up companies pitching for finance at Invest in Photonics, Géraldine Andrieux Gustin, a senior partner at Yole Finance, gives his five tips for attracting investment from venture capitalists

Equipping mobile electronic devices with 3D sensing

20 October 2014
Greg Blackman speaks to Andre Wong at JDSU about 3D sensing, which is taking the mobile device market by storm

Nobel ties and finance discussed at Invest in Photonics

News image17 October 2014
Greg Blackman reports from Invest in Photonics, an event held a day after the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry were awarded to light-based technologies