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Electro Optics provides uncompromised, informed commentary and analysis on topics of interest to the global photonics industry.

Aimed at engineers involved in photonics business, technology and applications, registered readers will have access to news of the latest technological developments, trends and opinions in the photonics industry as well as independent, in-depth editorial content. 

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Electro Optics presents the ideal platform to reach new customers with a breadth of opportunities across multiple platforms to help you achieve your business goals. 

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Editorial Policy and Contributor guidelines

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You can also access the Europa Science editorial policy here.

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Electro Optics is produced by Europa Science Ltd, a UK-based company publishing five other titles in both print and digital editions:

  • Laser Systems Europe, the new publication for integrators and users of laser systems.

  • Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, Europe's only dedicated publication for design and production engineers working in the industrial imaging and machine vision markets.

  • Fibre Systems, formerly Fibre Systems Europe, is the leading publication covering technology, applications, business and regulation for the optical communications industry.

  • Research Information, a publication aimed at European professionals working with the online collation, distribution and management of scientific, technical and medical information.

  • Scientific Computing World, a title dedicated to the use of software by scientists and engineers, with additional focus on high-performance computing for this sector.




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