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The event will take place 6-11 March 2021, in San Francisco's Moscone Center

This whitepaper will provide insight into the advances in virus research made possible by STED microscopy and give a hint to where the journey might go

The Commission concluded that the transaction would raise no competition concerns in the European Economic Area (EEA)

Analysis & opinion

SPIE’s career and diversity specialist Meg All, left, facilitated an Equity in Industry panel during SPIE Photonics West earlier this year. Joining All, from left to right, are Openwater’s Mary Lou Jepsen; Double Helix’s Leslie Kimerling; and Chromacity’s Shahida Imani

23 July 2020

Daneet Steffens from SPIE details some of the initiatives currently in place aimed at improving diversity in photonics

23 July 2020

Photonics engineering student Troy Rzeznikiewicz applied to hundreds of openings prior to starting as an optical design engineer intern at Lumentum. Here he describes the application process and discusses how technical students can be supported to succeed in industry

Ramanujan,right, facilitating the-Investing in Photonics Panel at 2020 SPIE Photonics West

23 July 2020

Sujatha Ramanujan, managing director of the Luminate Accelerator Programme in Rochester, New York, offers four key questions to consider before launching an optics start-up 


31 July 2020

How will the world feed 10 billion people by 2050 with no new land for agriculture? Greg Blackman speaks to machine builder Bühler about how optical sensing can maximise yield in grain processing

Investment is making lidar more accessible and cost-effective for the autonomous driving sector

23 July 2020

Keely Portway delves into some of the latest lidar developments for self-driving vehicles, and how these are proving beneficial in other applications

23 July 2020

New methods and instruments are building on impressive investigative capabilities, finds Andy Extance

16 June 2020

Progress is being made on entanglement methods that can work in mainstream telecom wavelengths, in conventional networks, finds Andy Extance 

Press Releases


3 June 2020

Dan Adams highlights the significant role that optics and photonics are playing in addressing the impact of Covid-19

13 March 2020

Can spectroscopy help make the world a better place? Benno Oderkerk, co-founder and CEO of Avantes, located in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, is convinced it can.

Tech focus

Left: Birefringence image of a flat lens and intensity patterns of 488nm laser beam with different handedness circular polarisations focused and defocused by the same lens. Right: The same lens corrects short -5 D and long +5 D sightedness.

15 July 2020

Researchers have developed a new technique for producing flat optics with ultra-low loss and high damage threshold

A Hybrid Hexapod being used for camera image stabilisation (Image: ALIO Industries)

15 July 2020

As motion control systems reach ever-higher levels of precision, new standards and methods are required to better define their capabilities to end users, Matthew Dale finds

04 June 2020

US researchers have proposed a photovoltaic cell that could generate power throughout the night


04 March 2020

Focuslight technologies, a global provider of high power diode lasers and micro optics, announced the LIMO Wide Angle Diffuser at SPIE Photonics West 2020. Designed for automotive LiDAR and 3D sensing applications, the LIMO Wide Angle Diffuser is a glass refractive optical element (ROE) with the ability to disperse laser light in one direction up to a full illumination angle, ranging from a few mrad up to 150 degrees. When combined with a second functional surface, the light can also be shaped at any desired angle in the other direction.

04 March 2020

Focuslight technologies, a global provider of high power diode lasers and micro optics, announced the Focuslight FocusFlux® AL01 Series LiDAR laser module at SPIE Photonics West 2020. The FocusFlux AL01 series is a high peak power, 1064nm laser module that employs a novel, compact, solid state design. It features a 1.5mJ 3ns laser pulse based on Q-switch technology. Built-in advanced glass diffusers enable it to generate a configurable field of view (FOV) of 125x25, 60x45, or customized per request.

30 January 2020

German start-up Linnowave’s Vaheat provides a novel approach for precise and rapid temperature controllability in optical high resolution microscopy of live cells

30 January 2020

Photon Lines is distributing Omicron's new LightHUB-Ultra laser light engine in France, the UK and Ireland

23 October 2019

The new Chameleon Discovery NX laser from Coherent delivers deep multiphoton microscope images with high brightness and high contrast

23 October 2019

Cobolt has introduced the Cobolt Tor XS, a high-performance Q-switched laser at 1,064nm and 532nm, with 100uJ/pulse and 50uJ/pulse respectively

23 October 2019

Gamma Scientific has released the Wavemon wavelength and power meter


24 August 2020 to 28 August 2020
Brussels, Belgium
15 September 2020 to 17 September 2020
23 September 2020 to 24 September 2020
W3+ Messe Rhine Valley 2020
23 September 2020 to 24 September 2020
Coventry, United Kingdom
07 October 2020 to 08 October 2020

White papers

30 July 2020

We describe how machine vision inspection systems can help to improve quality while reducing costs.

29 July 2020

In order to keep up with the technology, LIDAR interference filters must be designed to maximize signal-to-noise ratios by reliably isolating the target LIDAR return signal.


20 July 2020

This whitepaper will provide insight into the advances in virus research made possible by STED microscopy and give a hint to where the journey might go. 


24 March 2020

*Weds 8 Apr* This online discussion will explore the photonics technologies being developed to maximise data throughput and to extend data delivery speeds beyond 400Gbps

20 March 2020

*On demand* This webcast will present European capabilities for the development of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) biosensors for virus detection

19 March 2020

*On demand* This webinar will present an innovative UVC LED respiratory mask, presented by EPIC members and partners of the EU-funded pilot line MedPhab