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Credit: THOR Biomedicine

Several different light-based treatments that have relied on lasers are now finding uses for LEDs, finds Andy Extance

Zemax OpticStudio model of a wide-angle field-of-view camera used in applications such as autonomous vehicle sensors and aerial drones. Credit: Zemax

Zemax employs over 100 people around the world and is based in Washington, USA

Image: PhotonDelta

The European Photonics Academy will offer training courses beyond the lecture room with a strong focus on hands-on training


Vector Photonics’ PCSEL technology. Credit Vector Photonics

09 September 2021

The 1,310nm PCSEL will deliver the equivalent system optical performance as the lasers currently used, whilst consuming only half the electrical power


08 September 2021

Lincoln is chief executive of the UK’s Photonics Leadership Group

Zemax OpticStudio model of a wide-angle field-of-view camera used in applications such as autonomous vehicle sensors and aerial drones. Credit: Zemax

07 September 2021

Zemax employs over 100 people around the world and is based in Washington, USA

07 September 2021

Teraxion was an optical sensing reference design partner of Indie, supporting frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) systems for lidar

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

12 August 2021

Matthew Dale discovers a new podcast featuring scientists who have overcome adversity in their careers

18 June 2021

Carlos Lee, Epic’s director general, talks to Martina Mueller, CEO of 3D AG, a Swiss company specialising in micro and nanotechnology and holographic structures

Credit: as-artmedia/shutterstock.com

18 June 2021

We look at past winners of the EOS Early Career Women in Photonics Award to discover their successes and motivation



04 August 2021

Keely Portway considers the latest miniature spectrometers for consumer and healthcare devices

(Image: Andrey Armyagov/Shutterstock)

04 August 2021

Greg Blackman asks experts how fibre lasers developed between 2010 to 2020, as well as what advancements the future may hold for the technology

04 August 2021

More than ever, optics are critical to testing the cosmetic industry’s never-ending supply of promises, reports Rebecca Pool


Principle diagram of high-sensitivity detection of harmful gases in livestock based on TDLAS

Gemma Church examines the latest innovations in laser spectroscopy to aid accurate gas emission measurements

Gem laser with attached fibre on a vibration test plate

Novanta’s new, high efficiency, high power single-mode coupling system is advancing the fibre coupling space of diode-pumped solid state lasers (DPSS), finds Gemma Church

Gemma Church talks to Pro-Lite Technology about next-generation, cost-effective hyperspectral imaging technologies

Press releases

13 September 2021

Raptor Photonics was set up in September 2006 to design and manufacture high performance cameras for a range of markets including scientific, surveillance, aerospace and industrial.

27 May 2021

iXblue, a high-tech company in the fields of navigation, photonics and space, and maritime autonomy, announces the acquisition of Kylia (optical components and instruments) and Muquans (integrated quantum instruments).

16 April 2021

Diamond's cross polarizers' measurement method for polarization maintaining (PM) components recognized as an international IEC standard

White papers

In this White Paper, Raptor’s Dr. Geoff Martin, gives an overview of InGaAs based detectors for imaging in SWIR and the benefits of vacuum-based cooling.

In this application note featuring the QE Pro-Raman+ spectrometer, we examine the curing rate of a two-part epoxy as a model system for monitoring the kinetics and reaction completion of industrial processes.

This paper describes in detail how Newport rotation stages by MKS Instruments can be used to adjust laser power by changing the position of wave plates or polarizers.


The goal of the next generation of advanced high-definition lidar products is to provide compact solutions that can reliably recognise threats while being safe

On demand: Hear more about the challenges and potential solutions across the academic and business sectors in training - and attracting and retaining - more skilled personnel

Ultrashort pulse laser processing for displays and other products, featuring advanced techniques for cutting polymers and ultra-thin glass, as well as micro glass welding


10 September 2021

By re-engineering the position sensing circuit, Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new profile sensor with an embedded computing function

10 September 2021

Engis UK has introduced the EVG series of high precision vertical grinding machines for the production of ultra smooth surfaces

10 September 2021

Laser Components is expanding its range of cost-effective positioning lasers by two compact modules

Tech Focus

The beam shape of the metasuface based external cavity laser can be fully controlled to project a complex hologram, such as the Harvard shield. (Image: Christina Spägele/Harvard SEAS)

Harvard researchers have developed a metasurface that can effectively tune the properties of laser light without the need of additional optical components

Low-loss mirrors are a key technology for many different research fields. (Image: Yury Zap/Shutterstock.com)

Researchers and industry partners have developed a low-loss mid-infrared mirror using a crystalline coating technology

Optical design has traditionally required large amounts of complex calculations to be performed. This can now be automated.

(Image: Zhang et al.)

Researchers have developed a program for outputting high-quality freeform optical systems that simply requires basic optical design knowledge