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The award, which recognises technology that could advance areas such as manufacturing, imaging and biophotonics, will be presented at Laser World of Photonics

Professor Matthieu Roussey of the European Optical Society details how Finland is addressing the challenge of sourcing skilled workers

Reporting from the EMVA conference in Copenhagen, Greg Blackman sees how gigapixel resolution can be created with low-cost optics

Analysis & opinion

04 June 2019

Ahead of the Innovation award that will be presented at Laser World of Photonics, Jessica Rowbury talks technology development with Dr Jonathan Blackburn of welding research and technology specialist, TWI

30 May 2019

Professor Matthieu Roussey of the European Optical Society details how Finland is addressing the challenge of sourcing skilled workers

23 May 2019

Reporting from the EMVA conference in Copenhagen, Greg Blackman sees how gigapixel resolution can be created with low-cost optics


14 May 2019

Keely Portway looks at some of the latest developments in optical mirrors – including a trend for larger sizes – and how the technology may develop further

14 May 2019

3D technology is just one of the innovations emerging in the large display market, as Andy Extance assesses the prospects for LCD, OLED and microLEDs in the fight for a share of this competitive space

10 April 2019

Jessica Rowbury looks at the latest research in the hunt for dark matter, one of the biggest mysteries in physics 

10 April 2019

Powered predominantly by lidar, plus spectroscopy and visual-wavelength imaging, Andy Extance discovers unmanned aerial vehicles can safely survey hazardous environments

Press Releases


16 April 2019

Dan Adams, product marketing manager at Edmund Optics, discusses the impact that additive manufacturing is having on the optics industry

1 April 2019

Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo discusses the changes in the regulations governing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how they affect the selection and sale of laser safety eyewear

Tech focus

23 May 2019

A research team has created software for modelling femtosecond pulses that overlap at angles of up to 140 degrees much more efficiently than existing systems

29 April 2019

Combining 3D printing with metal-coating and wet-etching processes enables metamaterial geometrical optics with unique properties

09 April 2019

The amplification of phonons in solids represents a further step towards new phononic devices for the next generation of sensors, mobile phones and computing


14 May 2019

Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced InGaN-based direct emission green laser diodes, wavelengths from 510-530nm, for pico projection and other RGB or green-laser applications

14 May 2019

Laser Components now offers a digital laser driver for driving and monitoring selected Flexpoint laser modules

14 May 2019

Ocean Optics has developed a range of high-powered LED light sources for fluorescence excitation and other spectroscopy measurements

14 May 2019

Opto Diode has introduced the fourth device in the UVC series of narrow-spectral-output ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UVLEDs)

14 May 2019

Analytik has introduced an airborne platform that offers the ability to simultaneously collect hyperspectral imaging and lidar measurements

18 April 2019

Gamma Scientific has released its enhanced UDT series of photometric sensors

18 April 2019

Edmund Optics has introduced the new Techspec multi-element tube system, a highly versatile optical system that uses mix-and-match components


Vilnius, Lithuaina
16 June 2019 to 19 June 2019
Munich, Germany
24 June 2019 to 27 June 2019
Dublin, Ireland
23 September 2019 to 25 September 2019
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
01 October 2019
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
30 September 2019 to 04 October 2019

White papers

07 May 2019

The fastest imaging technique on the market. Combining high-speed ASOPS and efficient THz generation antenna allows for spectroscopic imaging at 10 kpixels / second acquisition speed, with an excellent signal to noise ratio. Being able to measure the phase and amplitude information at this high speed is unmatched by any other device on the market.

25 April 2019

With an explosion of scientific interest in graphene based material for its incredible electronic, optical, and physical properties; it became clear that we needed to develop a cost effective instrument that could be used for quality determination as well as characterization. Raman spectroscopy has long been the most versatile tool for this; however, with Graphene’s low Raman scatter, frequent impurities, and low laser damage thresholds typically only high-end Raman microscopy systems (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars) were available for the job. 

Here we present a new lower cost instrument, the StellarNet HYPER-Nova, which bridges this performance gap.  Also, we discuss some of the more practical issues surrounding Raman spectroscopy of Graphene as well as many useful features for graphene characterization found in its Raman spectrum.

01 April 2019

Confocal Raman imaging and related techniques continue to increase in popularity. This whitepaper describes five key factors to consider when evaluating instrumentation: speed, sensitivity, resolution, modularity and upgradeability, and combinability.


11 April 2019

Dr Erik Novak, senior director of business development at 4D Technology, will discuss the different aspects that need to be considered when selecting a Large Aperture Interferometer.

03 April 2019

This is the first of many activities of EPIC in Quantum Photonics, with its flagship event being the EPIC World Industrial Quantum Photonics Technology Summit in June

25 February 2019

For driverless cars to see mainstream adoption, engineers must solve critical lidar design challenges including improving the detection range and field of view, ensuring adaptability to environmental factors, and ensuring safety. Today, engineering teams are debating the best design choices, with no clear winner. Who will win the race toward effective lidar manufactured at a low cost?