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The robots guide themselves around hospital rooms irradiating surfaces with UV light, which disinfects and kills viruses and bacteria.

*Thurs 26 March* This webcast will present European capabilities for the development of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) biosensors for virus detection

The lidar scanner works with the cameras, motion sensors, and frameworks in iPadOS to scan the scene.

Apple has said the scanner will provide 'cutting-edge depth-sensing capabilities' that have 'never before possible on any mobile device'

Analysis & opinion

04 March 2020

David Giltner, founder of TurningScience, gives tips on how postgraduates and early-career scientists can make themselves more attractive to commercial organisations

27 February 2020

Matthew Dale reports from a panel discussion at Photonics West, where experts gave advice to young people starting their career

27 February 2020

Oliver Fähnle, of Fisba, says progress in light tool optimisation relies on communities in the supply chain talking to one another


09 March 2020

Electro Optics speaks to Roel Baets, lead of Imec-UGhent's Photonics Research Group, on the platforms opening up silicon photonics to high-volume production


27 February 2020

Keely Portway looks at how adaptive optics have allowed ground-based telescopes to observe new phenomena, including finer details of the Sun

27 February 2020

Graphene could transform networks if its remarkable properties can sustain a viable supply chain, finds Andy Extance

3D printing copper is important in the space industry for printing rocket nozzles, like the one produced by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, shown here

24 February 2020

Optically-driven additive manufacturing is entering uncharted territory with challenging reflective, thermally conductive metals such as copper, finds Andy Extance

Press Releases


13 March 2020

Can spectroscopy help make the world a better place? Benno Oderkerk, co-founder and CEO of Avantes, located in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, is convinced it can.

11 March 2020

Lydia Jim, Technical Sales Engineer at Photon Lines, discusses how acousto optics are advancing the development of new laser-based techniques

Tech focus

02 March 2020

Matthew Dale discovers how high-resolution LED matrices and blue lasers are set to increase the functionality of automotive lighting

23 January 2020

The latest research on ultrafast lasers will be presented at Photonics West in San Francisco

Figure 2: Micro-integrated ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser based on resonant optical feedback (footprint of the AlN optical bench (light grey): 80 x 30mm2)

05 December 2019

The European Space Agency’s Laser Interferometer Space Antenna requires very-low-noise seed lasers


04 March 2020

Focuslight technologies, a global provider of high power diode lasers and micro optics, announced the LIMO Wide Angle Diffuser at SPIE Photonics West 2020. Designed for automotive LiDAR and 3D sensing applications, the LIMO Wide Angle Diffuser is a glass refractive optical element (ROE) with the ability to disperse laser light in one direction up to a full illumination angle, ranging from a few mrad up to 150 degrees. When combined with a second functional surface, the light can also be shaped at any desired angle in the other direction.

04 March 2020

Focuslight technologies, a global provider of high power diode lasers and micro optics, announced the Focuslight FocusFlux® AL01 Series LiDAR laser module at SPIE Photonics West 2020. The FocusFlux AL01 series is a high peak power, 1064nm laser module that employs a novel, compact, solid state design. It features a 1.5mJ 3ns laser pulse based on Q-switch technology. Built-in advanced glass diffusers enable it to generate a configurable field of view (FOV) of 125x25, 60x45, or customized per request.

30 January 2020

German start-up Linnowave’s Vaheat provides a novel approach for precise and rapid temperature controllability in optical high resolution microscopy of live cells

30 January 2020

Photon Lines is distributing Omicron's new LightHUB-Ultra laser light engine in France, the UK and Ireland

23 October 2019

The new Chameleon Discovery NX laser from Coherent delivers deep multiphoton microscope images with high brightness and high contrast

23 October 2019

Cobolt has introduced the Cobolt Tor XS, a high-performance Q-switched laser at 1,064nm and 532nm, with 100uJ/pulse and 50uJ/pulse respectively

23 October 2019

Gamma Scientific has released the Wavemon wavelength and power meter


06 April 2020 to 10 April 2020
Vilnius, Lithuaina
15 April 2020 to 17 April 2020
26 April 2020 to 30 April 2020
San Diego
23 August 2020 to 27 August 2020

White papers

13 March 2020

A successful lens design succeeds not only in the creation of a working model but also in manufacturing, assembly, testing, and implementation. Occasionally, a lens may appear to succeed in conception but fail in one of the subsequent phases of manufacturing, assembly, or testing. For this reason, it is imperative to recognize the nuances of optical manufacturing, paying careful attention to the statistical assumption of models and manufacturing practicality. Designers must consider the individual lens element geometry, the assembly setup, and the tolerancing models when creating an optic from scratch.

25 February 2020

An introduction to the theory of polarised Raman spectroscopy and exploring the wealth of sample information that can be obtained using this technique.

28 January 2020

Researchers have developed a new method to better model human stroke which uses artery-targeted photothrombosis. This shows a clear improvement on traditional methods by creating a larger penumbra for a longer amount of time while maintaining the practical results of the traditional model.


20 March 2020

*Thurs 26 March* This webcast will present European capabilities for the development of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) biosensors for virus detection

19 March 2020

*On demand* This webinar will present an innovative UVC LED respiratory mask, presented by EPIC members and partners of the EU-funded pilot line MedPhab

10 March 2020

This online discussion will explore the photonics technologies being developed to maximise data throughput and to extend data delivery speeds beyond 400Gbps