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Justin Nussbaum, CEO and founder of SPIE Startup Challenge finalist Ascend Manufacturing, details his journey as a new entrepreneur - such as how to improve confidence and the importance of mentorship

Canadian start-up Xanadu has built a series of small-scale quantum chips, available in 8- and 12-qubit versions, along with a 24-qubit processor, and a 40-qubit chip now at the fabrication stage. Credit: Xanadu

Susan Curtis speaks to start-ups building quantum processors based on the photon

Better support is needed for the development of photonics at the component level, which is not thriving under current short-term challenge-led funding programmes, finds Jessica Rowbury


Credit: Radiant

25 January 2022

Radiant Vision Systems will introduce a patent-pending optical measurement system for ensuring the visual quality of XR (augmented, virtual, and mixed reality) displays at Photonics West


Credit: TriLite Technologies

25 January 2022

TriLite, a former SPIE Start-up Challenge finalist, is presenting the 'world's smallest' laser beam scanner at Photonics West this week

Image: Trumpf Photonic Components

25 January 2022

Launched at Photonics West, the VCSEL with stable linear polarisation and meta-optics uses only two components to create both flood and structured light illumination

The curved waveguide by Tooz and the colour microLED display engine by JBD enable colour virtual screens in the wearer’s field of view. Credit: Tooz technologies 

25 January 2022

Jade Bird Display and Tooz technologies are partnering on prescription smart glasses with full colour virtual screens

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

25 November 2021

Universities offering associate degrees for optics technicians could help answer the photonics skills shortage, finds Jessica Rowbury

02 November 2021

Carlos Lee, Epic’s director general, talks to Sami Musa, CEO of Chilas, a Dutch-based company specialising in ultra-narrow linewidth tuneable external cavity lasers

01 November 2021

Photonics innovation relies on stronger communication between universities and the commercial sector. Jessica Rowbury reports from the Photonex conference in Glasgow



Image credit: bogdanhoda/Shutterstock.com

11 January 2022

Tiny nanodiamonds are being used to dramatically optimise the calibration of optical microscopes, Matthew Dale finds

After the test disk is placed inside the chamber, some fine tuning is required to ensure they are horizontal and perfectly centred (credit: Caltech)

07 January 2022

LIGO scientists have developed a new mirror coating that could dramatically increase the observatory's detection rate of gravitational waves

(Image: BigPixelPhotos/Shutterstock.com)

06 December 2021

As the economic upturn gains momentum in the mechanical and plant engineering sector, companies are increasingly faced with a shortage of skilled personnel.

The German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association, the VDMA, and non-profit organisation, EngineeringUK, have both found evidence of a shortfall of skilled engineers in their respective countries.


Low magnification wafer image

Gemma Church finds out about some of the latest developments that are revolutionising the world of digital microscopy

Researchers used a laser frequency-comb instrument (illustration at lower right) to simultaneously measure three airborne greenhouse gases and major air pollutants from a NIST building in Boulder, Colorado, to reflectors on another building, and a nearby hill (credit: N. Hanacek/NIST)

Keely Portway finds out how advances in dual-frequency comb spectroscopy could help to significantly speed-up the rate of detection in a wide range of applications

The new LIDT model allows scaling of the LIDT for different optics and beam sizes (credit: MPO)

Gemma Church explains how a new thermal model from Manx Precision Optics takes a new look at laser damage thresholds for the nanosecond pulse regime

Press releases

07 December 2021

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) has announced several new components including compact diode laser modules for space applications

07 December 2021

Hamamatsu Photonics has reported it has successfully achieved high-accuracy medical imaging without image reconstruction

26 November 2021

The facility will allow Fluence to test new processing strategies

White papers

This white paper will explain how the optical performance of displays is quantified, and the instruments commonly used in display photometry and colorimetry will be presented.

In its latest whitepaper ‘How Customised Laser Diode Modules Add Value Across Your Applications’, ProPhotonix reveals how custom laser diode module solutions can provide OEMs with the exact application-specific performance they require, while delivering a cost-effective and value-added solution.

This white paper defines the Life Sciences instrumentation market segments and how instrumentation manufacturers can benefit from II-VI’s expertise to deliver solutions from materials and components, to subassemblies and subsystems - download the latest white paper here.


This wecast looks at advances being made in spectroscopy, in particular the enabling capabilities of supercontinuum, Raman hyperspectral imaging, and fourier-transform interferometry

The global photonics market is currently booming, having experienced significant growth in the last five years. It was reportedly worth €615bn last year (Photonik Forschung Deutschland organization).

Constraints in traditional manufacturing techniques have historically been a primary factor in the limited integration of freeform and aspheric mirrors into optical systems.


10 January 2022

Laser Components is expanding its portfolio of UV LEDs with products from the South Korean manufacturer Photon Wave

10 January 2022

Aurea Technology is exhibiting advanced optical building blocks required in Quantum technologies at the SPIE Photonics West.

10 January 2022

MKS Instruments has announced the expansion of its Spectra-Physics InSight X3+ tunable ultrafast lasers with the introduction of an integrated attenuation option

Tech Focus

Image credit: yienkeat/Shutterstock.com

A look at the current market for fibre optic sensing and some of the products and solutions available

Image credit: Yury Zap/Shutterstock.com

A look at the current market for optical coatings and some of the products and solutions available

Image credit: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock.com

Advances in research have made strides in the improvement of wearable and AR/VR displays