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The expert panel at BIOS Expo share the secrets of success for photonics startups in the healthcare sector

Founders and investors at BIOS Expo at Photonics West share how they have improved outcomes for their businesses

More than 1,200 exhibitors will be on the show floor this year, with more than 4,500 technical presentation taking place in tandem. (Image: SPIE)

Electro Optics shares the main events and themes on its radar at this year's show in San Francisco

To solve the quantum skills gap, the training ecosystem must consider the needs of industry and the scope of career pathways, finds Jessica Rowbury


The new financing round will be used to accelerate the ADAS firm’s series production development with major OEMs. (Image: Shutterstock/0pen) 

06 February 2023

The funding will be used to accelerate the firm’s series production development with major OEMs.


We asked the Photonics100 honorees what they thought the biggest challenge facing the industry in 2023 would be

03 February 2023

Regional conflicts? Energy costs? Skills shortages? Supply chain? In the first of two articles, we ask our Photonics100 honorees what they think 2023’s biggest challenges will be

A panel of quantum executives cited everything from production scaling to a need for new laser technologies, smaller optics and more skilled personell as key challenges facing the industry

02 February 2023

Quantum executives cited everything from production scaling to a need for new laser technologies and smaller optics

Jenoptik’s Ralf Kuschnereit, far left, Swave co-founder and Chief Product Officer Theo Marescaux, Swave CEO Mike Noonen, and 2023 SPIE Vice-President Peter de Groot. 

02 February 2023

Swave Photonics, with its Holographic eXtended Reality chips based on proprietary diffractive photonics technology, is the winner of the $10,000 top prize at the 13th annual SPIE Startup Challenge at Photonics West 2023.

QART Medical, utilising biophotonics and data for 3D analysis of sperm cells during IVF, received $5,000 and was placed second. PhosPrint came in third, winning $2,500, with its novel bioprinting technology that repairs in vivo human tissue during surgery.

Analysis & opinion

Analysis & opinion

06 January 2023

One of the most apparent themes to emerge was that the potential impact of photonics on how we store, process and move data shows no sign of lessening

16 December 2022

Ivan Nikitski, EPIC’s Photonics Technology Programme Manager, talks to Felix Grawert, CEO & President of Aixtron, which supplies deposition systems for the semiconductor industry

11 November 2022

Jérémy Picot-Clémente, EPIC, talks with Jürgen Zosel of Orafol Fresnel Optics



Organoid imaged with Andor’s desktop confocal microscope system, the BC43. Credit: Andor

03 January 2023

As microscopes become ever more powerful, a growing band of businesses are racing to make the latest technologies more accessible and more affordable, reports Rebecca Pool

Illustration of a three-dimensional crystal with various types of confining centres. (a) Crystal with four confining centres, each trapping waves (yellow) in all three dimensions simultaneously. (b) Crystal with a linear confining centre where waves can propagate in one dimension, analogous to an optical fibre. (c) Crystal with a planar confining centre where waves can propagate in two dimensions, analogous to a 2D electron gas. (Image: Vos et al.)

03 January 2023

Newly discovered fundamental rules have been embedded into software to dramatically optimise the design of photonic integrated circuits

Attosecond x-ray science could soon be within the grasp of not only the wider scientific community but industry as well. Image: Tau Systems

10 December 2022

In the hands of the few, attosecond pulses have already provided glimpses of fundamental ultrafast processes. Benjamin Skuse asks: what might be achieved if access were broadened to the wider world?


Design assessment for the manufacturability of free-form micro-optics. For a rapid assessment of the manufacturability of complex CAD designs, CAD tools have been developed to quickly identify parts of the 3D model that do not meet manufacturing constraints, such as limitations in the local surface slope

PHABULOuS’s innovative CAD-based tools can analyse free-form micro-optical array (FMOA) designs for the early detection of manufacturing constraints and avoid time-consuming and costly adjustments at a later stage.

Image credit: nito/Shutterstock.com

Delivering diagnostics at the time of testing improves healthcare outcomes, but requires photonics firms who develop optical sensing technologies such as spectroscopy, to adapt to the changing needs of the medical sector

Designers, builders and operators of free-space networks can leverage LWIR quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) to achieve multi Gb/s data transfer rates. Find out how

Press releases

06 February 2023

The announcement coincides with the launch of Chromacity’s latest ultrafast laser emitting light at 920nm

23 January 2023

Testing of BluGlass’ first lasers processed at its Fremont fab are demonstrating electrical and light-output performance in-line or better than previous iterations

04 January 2023

Scott Faris, current LightPath Director, has been appointed Chair of the Board succeeding Louis Leeburg effective December 20, 2022

White papers

Discover how the small size and big performance of the Ocean ST microspectrometer can benefit absorbance measurement of whole blood and haemoglobin in medical diagnostics by reading this application note

Optimised metalens layout from MetaOptic Designer

Find out how Synopsys is supporting metalens innovation with MetaOptic Designer, an unprecedented inverse design tool by downloading this White Paper.

Download this White Paper from Wavelength Electronics to find out how a team of researchers realised error-free, free-space live video broadcasting using a room temperature QCL with a wavelength of 8.1µm.


Webcast date (GMT):
Thursday, 1 December, 2022 - 14:00

We hear from two experts in fostering the development of quantum photonics technologies in the UK and Europe

Webcast date (GMT):
Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 14:00

In this webcast, we look at the potential of optical techniques, primarily Raman spectroscopy, in medical diagnostics - and the barriers to clinical translation.

Webcast date (GMT):
Thursday, 20 October, 2022 - 13:00

Focuslight is a technology leader in AuSn thin film deposition and AuSn bonding process with more than 10 years’ experience. This webcast details the design, key processes and application data of high-power laser diode devices.


01 February 2023

The FPYL-532-50T-SLM-C and FPYL-532-100T-SLM-C have an outstanding wide operating temperature range between -40°C to +60°C. They are offered with either 50mW or 100mW at 532nm in a very compact housing of just 110mm x 52mm x 52mm.

31 January 2023

The Jasper Micro offers a wide range of benefits for various industries including medical, material processing, and micro technology

12 January 2023

This will open doors to further research on achieving early detection and pathological elucidation of dementia

Tech Focus

Image credit: Pixelci/Shutterstock.com

We shine a light on the latest lenses, mirrors and other optical products for solar in 2023

Image credit: Alexa Mat/Shutterstock.com

We round up the latest single photon counting detectors, modules and other products for single photon counting in 2023.

Shining a light on the latest photonics products and solutions in the sensors and detectors market