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The coinciding conference, World of Photonics Congress, will be held in a digital format on the original dates of 20–24 June

Following Lumentum's recent announcement it was set to buy Coherent, MKS Instruments and II-VI have both put in acquisition bids

Keely Portway looks at some of the latest developments in quantum science, and what they could mean for the commercial space

Analysis & opinion

05 February 2021

Carlos Lee, EPIC’s director general, talks to Koichiro Ikeda, president and CEO of Isuzu Glass

16 December 2020

Nicholas Goffin, research associate at Loughborough University, investigates where energy savings can be made in laser processing

16 December 2020

Carlos Lee talks to Lars Rymell, CEO and founder of Swedish consultancy Eclipse Optics


The EUV source at Fraunhofer ILT’s Excimer facility delivers 40W at 13.5nm

16 February 2021

Keely Portway discovers how lasers are being used to advance Moore’s law, and how this technology could become more accessible to SMEs

11 February 2021

Keely Portway looks at some of the latest developments in quantum science, and what they could mean for the commercial space

12 January 2021

Algorithms let developers shrink microscopes, enabling innovation by building on existing technology, discovers Andy Extance

16 December 2020

Now smaller, cheaper and more robust, light detection and ranging instruments are being used in new ways, finds Jessica Rowbury

Press Releases


Cavity ring-down spectroscopy schematic

12 February 2021

Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed optical interruption of a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser, which could cut costs of a sensitive type of spectroscopy

The James Clerk Maxwell telescope in Hawaii is a clear example of the sheer power of freeform optics. Credit: The JCMT/William Montgomerie

2 February 2021

Gemma Church discusses the advances made in manufacturing freeform optics

Tech focus

Symetrie’s NanoPos is a miniature hexapod of 68mm height for positioning and adjustment of precision components in six degrees of freedom, with a 10nm resolution.

26 February 2021

Some of the latest positioning solutions for photonics equipment on the market

Samsung’s microLED display, The Wall, has been demonstrated at shows such as CES but is not yet available commercially. (Image: Samsung)

26 February 2021

Aledia brings making at least 24 million specialist wafers a year into sharp focus

The shape of modern optical components is becoming increasingly complex, which can make them more difficult to coat.

21 January 2021

Dr Kristin Pfeiffer, Pallabi Paul, and Dr Adriana Szeghalmi have developed conformal coating processes for functionalising strongly curved optics


25 February 2021

Optoscribe has released the OptoCplrLT, a monolithic glass chip for low-loss coupling to silicon photonics (SiPh) grating couplers

25 February 2021

Sitech supplies the new Picomaster-H range of high resolution, single-beam direct write lithography (SB-DWL) hologram and lens mastering systems from 4Pico Litho of The Netherlands

25 February 2021

Synopsys has released version 9.1 of its LightTools illumination design software

25 February 2021

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new semiconductor failure analysis system called the Phemos-X C15765-01

25 February 2021

Gamma Scientific has introduced its Vector line of display view angle testers

25 February 2021

Optical Surfaces has released a new series of beam collimators designed for modulation transfer function (MTF) testing of optical systems

25 February 2021

Hübner Photonics has introduced the Cobolt 05-iE, an all-integrated model of compact and powerful single frequency lasers


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21 June 2021 to 24 June 2021
Potsdam, Germany
10 October 2021 to 14 October 2021

White papers

02 March 2021

Optical filters are a key component of any optical system. As the market for advanced imaging and diagnostic technologies continues to increase, there is a growing requirement for high-quality optical filters that are designed and manufactured to adhere to specific customer requirements. 

02 March 2021

Values for Laser Induced Damage Thresholds (LIDTs) can vary. They vary batch to batch and coating house to coating house. But more worryingly, damage thresholds can vary from test house to test house.  Inflated values present real expense issues to the end user when their optics damage under seemingly safe conditions. 

23 February 2021

To perform measurements on light-emitting objects, it’s important to interpret intensity information provided by the spectrometer correctly. Understanding differences in parameters is key. Read about intensity calibrations in this whitepaper.



13 October 2020

*On demand* For sensor, camera, and machine learning developers interested in how process monitoring can be implemented in reality

24 March 2020

*On demand* This online discussion will explore the photonics technologies being developed to maximise data throughput and to extend data delivery speeds beyond 400Gbps

20 March 2020

*On demand* This webcast will present European capabilities for the development of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) biosensors for virus detection