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EOS board member Michael Pfeffer says that industry leaders must support engagement in standardisation activities

In particular, we are looking at collaboration between industry and academia in the field of photonics

Oz Optics served traditional Turkish ice cream at its booth at Laser Munich

Jessica Rowbury reviews how exhibitors made an impact at Laser World of Photonics in a bid to stand out from competition

Analysis & opinion

30 September 2019

EPIC’s Carlos Lee hears about Jorma Palmén’s strategy for growing Ladimo, launched four years ago, which develops real-time 3D imaging for robotics, healthcare and navigating hazardous environments

30 September 2019

Researchers at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction give their views on three infrastructure projects analysing structural performance using fibre optic monitoring

30 September 2019

EOS board member Michael Pfeffer says that industry leaders must support engagement in standardisation activities


27 August 2019

Andy Extance asks: which laser wavelengths, detector architectures and ranging techniques are required to deliver competitive and cost-effective automotive lidar performance?

27 August 2019

Keely Portway investigates the latest innovations in micro-optics, from 3D printing to how it can improve the optical designs of photonics equipment

12 August 2019

Incumbent silicon photovoltaic players have powerful technologies with which to deliver clean energy – but perovskite solar start-ups think they can do better, finds Andy Extance

12 August 2019

Keely Portway discovers how optics are expanding the horizons for ultrafast lasers

Press Releases


29 August 2019

Pro-Lite’s Nick Barnett discusses spectral imaging and its potential applications

16 April 2019

Dan Adams, product marketing manager at Edmund Optics, discusses the impact that additive manufacturing is having on the optics industry

Tech focus

25 September 2019

A University of Cambridge team has designed a nanowire-based spectrometer that doesn’t require dispersive elements like a prism, therefore permitting greater miniaturisation than conventional systems

12 July 2019

New method can measure large-scale quantum correlation of single photons, which until now would have required thousands of single photon counters

23 May 2019

A research team has created software for modelling femtosecond pulses that overlap at angles of up to 140 degrees much more efficiently than existing systems


04 July 2019

Gamma Scientific has released its SpectralLED wide field of view, uniform intensity light source, ideally suited for sensor testing applications requiring a field of view (FOV) up to 180°

04 July 2019

Sensofar Metrology has released the fifth generation of its optical profiler

04 July 2019

The M-971 motorised mechanical stage is used in automated optical microscope systems for materials testing, inspection or biotechnology

04 July 2019

The Coherent PowerMax Pro OEM is a laser power sensor, combining the response speed of a photodiode with the broadband wavelength coverage, large detection area, dynamic range, and laser damage resistance of a thermopile

04 July 2019

Alpao has released a Modal Deformable Mirror (DMM) for industrial applications

04 July 2019

Synopsys has released LucidShape CAA V5 software,which allows designers to perform optical simulations and analyses of automotive lighting products within the CATIA V5 environment

04 July 2019

Limo has developed micro-optics for creating a beam profile that offers 30 per cent more throughput in display production


Livonia, Michigan
30 October 2019 to 31 October 2019
Berlin, Germany
04 November 2019 to 07 November 2019
Valletta, Malta
27 February 2020 to 29 February 2020

White papers

01 October 2019

The conventional optical design approach results in designs that are very sensitive to manufacturing and alignment errors, which means the optical product is difficult to repeatedly manufacture successfully. A new method, called High-Yield Optimization, produces designs that meet tight performance specifications, provide a higher manufacturing yield, and lower manufacturing costs through less waste.

17 September 2019

The whitepaper compares achievable accuracy of Rayleigh Scatter based beam profiling with conventional methods and builds the link to ISO11146 compliance although non-contact beam profiling isn’t listed in the ISO yet.

Laser Machining Stock Image.

12 September 2019

Surface flatness is a critical parameter for many laser systems but also a key cost driver. In this paper we explore the effect it can have on the focused spot size in a laser material processing system.


03 September 2019

The Webinar on Brillouin distributed sensing will review all aspects of distributed sensing

02 July 2019

The EPIC Webinar on Hyperspectral Imaging will insight on the hyperspectral imaging hardware and its use in all application fields: from the ground using microscopes and spectrometers to airborne or satellite sensors, up to astrophysical data

11 April 2019

Dr Erik Novak, senior director of business development at 4D Technology, will discuss the different aspects that need to be considered when selecting a Large Aperture Interferometer.