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SPIE is holding an event to update and improve the Wikipedia pages of inspirational women, ethnic or racial minority scientists

A new survey has found that 100 Horizon 2020 photonics projects will create 3,500 high-tech jobs in Europe over the next three years

Thorlabs has acquired the fibre laser assets from KMLabs, which represents Thorlabs' fourth purchase this year

Analysis & opinion

08 November 2019

EPIC’s Carlos Lee talks to Ulli Hansen, co-founder and CEO of MSG Lithoglas

05 November 2019

Tom Harvey, healthcare photonics lead at UK catapult centre CPI, discusses how companies can successfully enter the healthcare market

30 September 2019

EPIC’s Carlos Lee hears about Jorma Palmén’s strategy for growing Ladimo, launched four years ago, which develops real-time 3D imaging for robotics, healthcare and navigating hazardous environments


08 November 2019

Tematys partner Benoît d’Humières discusses photonics’ environmental potential using findings from a recent sustainability report

The Vuzix M300 AR headset is one of a variety of products targeting industrial applications

08 November 2019

Andy Extance finds that although augmented reality products talk about holograms more than they use them, holographic technology still has huge potential

14 October 2019

Keely Portway looks at some of the miniature imaging technology used in endoscopes

14 October 2019

Keely Portway looks at how optical software is being used to design light sources

Press Releases


20 November 2019

Pro-Lite’s Dr Giorgia Marucci discusses the application of Raman spectroscopy in the cultural heritage field

29 August 2019

Pro-Lite’s Nick Barnett discusses spectral imaging and its potential applications

Tech focus

Figure 2: Micro-integrated ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser based on resonant optical feedback (footprint of the AlN optical bench (light grey): 80 x 30mm2)

05 December 2019

The European Space Agency’s Laser Interferometer Space Antenna requires very-low-noise seed lasers

A s part of a European Space Agency project, researchers from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut have developed a micro-integrated ultra-narrow 1,064nm diode laser for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (Lisa), a satellite mission that aims to detect and characterise gravitational waves.

05 December 2019

Professor Emir Salih Magden updates on plans to commercialise an on-chip broadband optical filter announced last year

Optical filters are encountered in nearly every aspect of the optics, photonics and imaging industries, featuring in applications such as spectroscopy, microscopy, lidar, astronomy and optical communications, in addition to a multitude of others.

12 November 2019

The technique uses a nanostructure that ‘traps’ molecules from the air and amplifies the Raman signal


23 October 2019

The new Chameleon Discovery NX laser from Coherent delivers deep multiphoton microscope images with high brightness and high contrast

23 October 2019

Cobolt has introduced the Cobolt Tor XS, a high-performance Q-switched laser at 1,064nm and 532nm, with 100mJ/pulse and 50mJ/pulse respectively

23 October 2019

Gamma Scientific has released the Wavemon wavelength and power meter

23 October 2019

Precision Laser Scanning is now introducing its Gecko-Four polygon scanner for lidar scanning

23 October 2019

Aerotech has released the XC2 PWM single-axis motor drive with a narrow compact housing for motion control applications

23 October 2019

AMS Technologies has added the high-voltage solutions of French manufacturer SDS High Voltage to its portfolio

23 October 2019

Boston Electronics has introduced the Vaheat, a microscope temperature control solution from its partner, Linnowave


Valletta, Malta
27 February 2020 to 29 February 2020

White papers

15 November 2019

Multi-line lasers provide a compact, easy-to-use, and service-free solution for integrating up to four laser wavelengths with reliable, stable performance into fluorescence instrumentation. Learn how in this white paper.

04 November 2019

The HELIX Spectral Analysis System has redefined measurement capabilities of high performance thin-film optical filters. HELIX is an instrument designed and developed by Alluxa to address the limitations of spectrophotometers. Download our whitepaper to find out more!

04 November 2019

Photocatalysis is the rate increase of a chemical reaction by light, often in the presence of a catalyst that starts the reaction upon irradiation. Photocatalysts are typically semiconducting metal oxides which are employed as particles in solution. Discover how Edinburgh Instruments LP980 Spectrometer was used in this application note.


03 September 2019

The Webinar on Brillouin distributed sensing will review all aspects of distributed sensing

02 July 2019

The EPIC Webinar on Hyperspectral Imaging will insight on the hyperspectral imaging hardware and its use in all application fields: from the ground using microscopes and spectrometers to airborne or satellite sensors, up to astrophysical data

11 April 2019

Dr Erik Novak, senior director of business development at 4D Technology, will discuss the different aspects that need to be considered when selecting a Large Aperture Interferometer.