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Collaboration with other regions raises the competitiveness of the European photonics industry, says EPIC's Carlos Lee

Photonics must appear in the EU's Horizon Europe framework or risk losing its significance in economic policy, says Spectaris' Dr Wenko Süptitz

Jessica Rowbury hears from executives at Photonics West discussing how their businesses could be affected by the relationship between the US and China

Analysis & opinion

15 March 2019

Matthew Dale reports from an industry session on additive manufacturing, where a panel of experts discussed the technology’s potential for industrial production

05 March 2019

Photonics must appear in the EU's Horizon Europe framework or risk losing its significance in economic policy, says Spectaris' Dr Wenko Süptitz

04 March 2019

Humberto Michinel and Ángel Paredes at the Optics Laboratory of the University of Vigo in Ourense, Spain, discuss optical approaches to studying ‘hidden’ energy


21 February 2019

Andy Extance explores optical design for vehicles, including the headlamps that you’ve been seeing in your rear view mirror

11 February 2019

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is becoming faster and more effective, allowing the imaging of functional processes in tissue, finds Barbara Stumpp

10 December 2018

Shaping light wavefronts is improving many areas of microscopy – and is enabling Nobel Prize winner Eric Betzig’s most important work yet, finds Andy Extance

10 December 2018

Keely Portway looks at some of the latest advances in light-based test and measurement techniques

Press Releases


20 February 2019

Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo throws light on the science of measuring light and light sources: radiometry and photometry

12 November 2018

This viewpoint aims to provide a thorough insight on the sophisticated design of state-of-the-art professional illumination systems, highlighting the basic pro’s and con’s of 'old-school' gas-discharge lamps compared to LEDs, additionally highlighting accompanying requirements to be successful

Tech focus

27 February 2019

Optomel founder Damien Gardiner, a semi-finalist for SPIE's Startup Challenge at Photonics West, explains how the firm is making optical filters based on self-organised materials

10 December 2018

New nanometre-accurate hexapod opens up applications in laser processing and metrology

01 November 2018

Prism technology that’s now a major part of optical communications is finding its way into next-generation lidar systems


13 February 2019

The new Jenoptik Light & Optics division, whose primary focus is supplying photonics solutions, showcased its new strategy at Photonics West, USA

07 January 2019

Synopsys has released version 2018.12 of its RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite, which introduces new features to advance the design of optics used in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) systems

07 January 2019

Opto Diode has launched a high-speed photodetector, the AXUV63HS1

27 November 2018

Marktech Optoelectronics has introduced the Model MTPD1346D-xx series, a family of InGaAs/InP broadband PIN photodiodes

27 November 2018

PureLiFi has provided its LiFi technology for a new range of LiFi-integrated lighting products

20 November 2018

PicoQuant has unveiled the FluoTime 250, a compact, robust and fully-automated system that increases the ease of performing time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy studies

20 November 2018

Dymax Corporation has introduced the BlueWave MX-Series Multichannel Controller, an LED controller that allows manufacturers to power up to four emitter workstations at once


27 March 2019 to 28 March 2019
Tel Aviv, Israel
01 April 2019 to 02 April 2019
Buchs, Switzerland
11 April 2019
Glasgow, Scotland
10 April 2019 to 12 April 2019
San Jose, California
05 May 2019 to 10 May 2019

White papers


25 February 2019

For driverless cars to see mainstream adoption, engineers must solve critical lidar design challenges including improving the detection range and field of view, ensuring adaptability to environmental factors, and ensuring safety. Today, engineering teams are debating the best design choices, with no clear winner. Who will win the race toward effective lidar manufactured at a low cost?

13 December 2018

In this webinar, high-level representatives of the Pilot Lines will give an overview of the European scene regarding technologies, offers and capabilities for the manufacturing of new photonics-based products that will impact in market sectors such as medical, environmental and industrial.

30 November 2018

This webinar will show how the nonstop capacity request in the transmission, routing and processing of huge amounts of communication data is faced in an effective way by photonic solutions acting on the propagation, modulation and multiplexing of optical signals