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Laser beam measurement

21 October 2013

This informative webcast covers every aspect of laser beam measurement, ensuring practitioners can get the best from their laser at all times. John McCauley and Dan Ford of Ophir-Spiricon provide expert advice on topics such as: what measurements should be taken and why; what technologies are available for laser measurement; and when these measurements should be taken.

Photonics in Food and Agriculture

19 December 2012

This webcast brings together three top speakers to present on the use of photonic technology in agriculture and food. The presentations include an overview of spectroscopy applications, and then two detailed case studies – one looking at fertilizer distribution, and one at grain sorting.

Applications of spectroscopy in food and agriculture
Marco Snikkers, Sales and Marketing Director, Ocean Optics EMEA
In this webcast we are going to discuss the application of miniature spectroscopy in monitoring and controlling the quality and yield of products in the food and agriculture industry. Examples from Ocean Optics and its customers and considerations of proper implementation are being discussed as well as current and future status of the technology.

Monitoring fertilizer concentrations on the go
Benno Oderkerk, CEO, Avantes
To measure and apply the appropriate levels of fertilization on crops can be a time-consuming activity. Featuring a dual channel AvaSpec series spectrometer, fibre optics and processing electronics mounted in a blue box on top of a tractor, the system discussed here makes real-time measurements of the optical appearance of crops and intelligently applies fertilizers accordingly.

The industrial side of NIR spectroscopy
Gustavo Caneda, Founder, Tecno Cientifica
This presentation talks about how to go from basic NIR spectroscopy to real industrial instruments that can give the user reliable final results. It will focus on agricultural and food applications, where the special physical and chemical characteristics of the samples challenge the technological and design capacity. The importance of the sampling device, a friendly software, an optimum automation and modular design, plus the development of very robust calibration models will be presented as the keys of the success of this technology.

Photonics in military and defence

7 December 2012

This informative webcast brings together different applications of photonics in the military and defence market, from directed energy lasers, to detection of IEDs using spectroscopy, and imaging techniques using SWIR.

High power fibre lasers for directed energy defence applications
Mike O’Connor, IPG Photonics
This presentation discusses the two primary categories of directed energy laser applications, namely Tactical (short range) and Strategic (long range) applications. It discusses the need for high power, broadband lasers in tactical applications, while in strategic applications, the spectral or coherent combination of many high power, spectrally narrow fiber amplifiers is required. The presentation also covers examples of each kind of fibre laser, as well as specific examples of applications.

The OPTIX project – Optical identification of explosives
Benno Oderkerk, CEO, Avantes
Avantes participates in the EU funded project OPTIX. The aim is to contribute to the safety of European citizens by the development of a transportable system that can do standoff detection and identification of explosives in real scenarios at distances of around 20 metres.

SWIR imaging in security applications
Jan Vermeiren, Technical Business Development, Xenics
The spectral irradiance in the (900-1700nm) band by the airglow is much stronger than in the visible range. This makes the SWIR band the best choice for night vision applications. For handheld applications the size and power consumption of the camera module is nearly as important as its performance. Such modules can also be very well suited for image fusion applications, where two or more cameras, operating in different wavelengths bands shall be integrated in one common housing, like e.g. a gimbal.

Innovations in spectroscopy

28 May 2012

In this fascinating webcast, two leading industry speakers explore how spectroscopy is pushing the boundaries. Jason Eichenholz, chief technology officer at Ocean Optics, explains how spectrometers are being used to combat product tampering, while Travis Thompson gives an in-depth overview of the operation of and applications for Raman spectroscopy